Microsoft is fabulous

Microsoft is fabulous.

Talking about Microsoft is fabulous.

jillodidah Nairobi, Kenya Participate in Power Apps Africa Challenge 2022, get skilled on Power Platform and win fabulous prizes! Visit 3rd October - 28th October @MicrosoftADC @Africastalking @ElarianHq @CMuraga Senior Product Manager @interswitchGRP, Latin dancer💃 Ex #Devrel @Decoded_Africa @africastalking @bhubafrica MasterTrainer @YouthForTech Organizer @GDG_Nairobi
Mrs_Bongi Atlanta, GA The fabulous @linleemedia walked us through how to use Microsoft Translate and PowerPoint Live to help connect us with parents and the global community during our MIE Trainer Academy today 🎉 It’s always a joy co-teaching w/ Lin! #mieexpert #gamiee @FCS_InstrTech @fultonitdept @glma President | #AdobeEduCreative | #MIEExpert | Microsoft Master Trainer | #istecert | #isteambassador | #TeachSDGs | #SEL | Views are my own
gfernandoamb Florida ✅"genioux fact": As a result of his senseless #war, #Putin has shattered his image, deeply damaged the fabulous #Russian people, and has become #Xi's vassal. Ph.D. in computer sciences in France. I have the goal to enhance our world and reduce poverty.

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