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pennycircus Birmingham, AL @RozwellKid @chrisfarren Sweet Jesus this shit just escalated NEW SONG "Teeth on the Floor" UP ON OUR BANDCAMP NOW! Click the link below and let us know what you think!
iDannyCMajor @kutako1 I have him. He left me the Holy Ghost when he ascended. The Holy Ghost and Jesus both agreed that I need a sugar momma. In God, we Live, Move and Have Our Being.
faithclubdotnet Pittsburgh, PA #quote #Jesus Proverbs 4:26 Plan carefully what you do, and whatever you do will turn out right. God is real! Jesus is LORD! God said'Good News' and I received a Good News Bible.
psi_jesus mexico df I posted a new video to Facebook Tecnologia.Musica.Espiritu
MustBBornAgain "But you are Justified (declared not guilty) in the Name of the Lord Jesus & by the Spirit of our God" 1Cor6:11 Seeking more of HIM and less of me. Lead me Lord and I'll follow.
LelandOsborne Oh hi I ho! @bwecht Jesus, man. What on earth made you think this was alright? Born in a pool of gasoline.
Infidel49420 Michigan, USA @ChrisAlan1969 @JulesRollTide @VivaLaAmes2 @scottman001 @marsh_randi @azamamjd @pmilam4284 @witchelli @marilntony38… God,guns,and all things fun!
emily_olivia9 Seattle, WA People need to know the difference between sweetie and sweaty --> definitely and defiantly. Jesus. #whendidyoulearnenglish SAHM, Positive in Positive out. Instagram @emilyolivia9 • itworks distributor! #momlife #fittness #coffeelover #itworks
UbahaWhytee I have JESUS,I have peace... God & Family Addict am also my Hubby's wealth & a Fab_mom
bigobuso @motherheck I like to think they are an entity and a bit of them is inside all gamers like a gamer jesus hhhHhHHHhHhhhHhhhhhhhHHhhHhhhH
leIisirdamore ㄴㅇㅅㅌ jesus hurly burly party
_jacobo05 Pasadena, TX @campos99_jesus I. Know 🙄🙄🙄 smfh Leviticus 20:13

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