If you ever get the chance

If you ever get the chance check out the Seashore Trolley Museum not far from there in Maine. Pretty cool wooden New Zealand Trolley there from 1903 too

A burst of deep magenta ink to brighten your day!

I make a lot of small format collages, usually on 3x5' index cards. These move forward in an impromptu way, one decision leading to the next (not planned in advance) -- just keep going until it's interesting!

I'm working on little abstracts in ink, and going through the "awkward" feeling/phase that happens when I shift back to a medium I've not used in awhile! So I wade in, start with open-ended play, mark-making, experimenting, letting the process evolve, not working toward a particular finished work. My favorite way to work!

Wishing you a day filled with inklings of good things at every turn

acrylics on wood

"I have come to believe that there are infinite passageways out of the shadows, infinite vehicles to transport us into the light." Martha Beck

ink on 3x3" watercolor paper

Who is making your a We want to know about your +

is about recognizing doing .

Best part of living in Northern California is the nights in the park. Cool breeze, cool music, cool friends.

It's no joke, it's Federal Equal Pay law.

holy acts of Congress, Batman!

When an unexpected good arrives in our life, it may provide a moment of startling insight, a fleeting experience of wisdom, by showing us how we have needlessly accepted the limitations that were imposed on us in the past.

- saw many buns in the park. and a rat!
- finished last year's spring sketchbook lol
- swapped out tarot decks from storage, found myself trying to reach for the thoth and the morgan greer, so out they came. along with two fun ones.
- revisited different sketchbook for inspiration and i'm mixing up new color palettes with old techniques :) maybe something fun will come of it
- it's supposed to rain all night!
- found a youtube channel very up my alley, don't know why i haven't stumbled across it earlier (Crecganford)

ok i have to double down with positive things. it's been harder to find/focus on any recently (overall and also acutely in the last week or so), all the more important to get on it.

here are some
- the weather has been cooler and i finally felt like i have energy to live. might even clean up today
- i'm having a lot of fun arting and crafting, using up stuff i already have. it's very rewarding to be in a place where i don't really need to be getting anything
- i am 10 years marry this week! so that's cute. maybe we'll takeaway about it
- blessed to have a friend i could whine to about everything, they're a connection to home and to the good parts of my past
- been listening to music more since we got tidal. i like its algorithm
- ever so grateful for the accessible, no-hoops required trans healthcare around here

Some good things to smile about-

I have a golden eye frog or two that lingers by the light at the front door for bugs. They are cute.

I hear the barking frogs even if I rarely see them & they make me smile.

We have an armadillo (or 2) that have started scrounging the yard for bugs & slugs. They are just plain WEIRD looking.

Fabulous Stuff for you.

now knackered and somewhat sweaty, but I think that we did (TM)!

Rob Lamothe-The Good Things
There is no compass
Where are my shipmates
Where is my sailing hand
There is no badly-drawn map
There is no turning back
There is no sign of land

And would I recognize it
If I was stranded on it
Would I know your heart

I am writing down the good things
Every wounded heart and bloody ring
Behind the brave words and the smoke screens
I am hoping that you'll know it's me

- turns out rose syrup + fizzy water is a decent approximation of Fentiman's rose lemonade!
- pizza and Poirot with the partner :) takeaway is so spoonful
- we were promised a storm and while it seems to have dissipated before it properly arrived there was a very dramatic cloud. and it smells nice
- managed to stop myself from purchasing a ridiculous amount of beads (didn't get any, in fact!)
- reading in the sun!
- luscious soap

today's highlights:
- launched a peanut directly into a crow's beak! it made a satisfying clack on impact
- enjoying combo postage
- cat keeps inviting herself for hugs. it is a bit cold

today -

- saw a super bright crocus
- one crow in the park has a Very Different voice from all its friends and it cracks us up every time
- big snuggles with cat
- i Tried and therefore no one should criticize me

- got a package from mom! with candy, stickers, and supplements
- getting arty with said stickers and bits of ephemera
- working through a really meaty course of insight-integration. loving it
- another 10C day! supposed to be 13 over the weekend

3/3 Interval since the endish of January:

-I finished my first of 2023: by . I absolutely loved the book's characters - not just the heroine but the supporting characters as well.

-I started a of Sanderson's with the goal of doing my first of the newest book in the series .

-My wife and I got married 6 years ago today! So we are going to take the spawnling and eat tasty ramen!

2/ Interval since the endish of January:

-Started to play more seriously with a close friend and two of our EQ2 friends joined us! So we played on new characters with them and did some of the intro quests/zones together.

-The same friends then invited us to try out with them and we have since been enjoying the game. I have been told it is similar to (which I never played). This game has so much potential for creativity and I am excited!

1/ Interval since the endish of January:

-My Defiler got her Prismatic 2.0, guild ran old content to get people the update so yay.

-I am playing in a weekly campaign as a Divine Soul Sorcerer named Aelyn - she is such a personal character and I am so lucky to play in a group that I am comfortable enough with to bring that vulnerability to life.

-Attended the spawnling's open house and met all of their teachers at their current high school - so many good comments.

I think I get Sage phones because I like the verdant feeling. Add a case with flowers on, and I'm blooming inside.

- so warm and sunny! Second time this year i was able to pray outside. Cat got to bask to her heart's content, indoors and out
- nutty fruity bread! That Ben and Jerry's brownie chocolate collab with Tony's chocolonely... And proper leafy black tea. Hit the spot just right
- discovered we can get boostered at any time at the pharmacy. Yay! Now if only there were guidelines and recommendations as to how many to get. Last one definitely ran out

Rich guy gives money for operation to 1000 people so they can see again!

I mean, that can only be a positive thing... can't it... you can't complain about that... can you

Apparently you can.

(Do you think Jesus was ever critisised for miracle porn)

BBC News - MrBeast: Why has YouTuber faced criticism for blind surgery video

January was a very difficult month for me, emotionally, but there were some good things:

Saw a Great Spotted Woodpecker
Started watching Detectorists
Joined Mastodon and liking it so far!
Started my Welsh course with Dysgu Cymraeg
Donated blood, something Ive been meaning to get back to doing for ages
First Doers & Improvers book club meeting of the year with


I'll should be able to cover the app... it's the iPhone $$ that's tripping me up. Thanks in advance! doing

Happy consequence of the recent deluge in SoCal: the creek in our park actually has water in it (for now)

Tell me one good thing about your day.

Rebogging my own Finch self-care app recommendation!!! My mental health and happiness have improved dramatically since I started using it. My kids and spouse are using it too, and it has brought us all closer. The finch app reminds us of what is important, and helps us stay focused on what really matters. Lots of good days. CANNOT RECOMMEND MORE HIGHLY.

High of 66 F today Hell yeah! I've got the windows open, the ceiling fans running, and I'm going to start lunch, then chores. One of those chores is assembling my new gaming/office chair!

The chair is part of a greater campaign: doing good things for myself. I'm going to make my home space a home.

I've seen lots of toots about the restrictions on wild and right to roam in today. That one always baffled me back when I started visiting/working in . What do you mean you can't go there Not pick Bewildering! Because in , we have Allemansrtten (Outdoor Access Rights) and it's the most precious and valuable thing we have. I can't imagine living without it.

Done with the online application for my visa extension.

Man, that system was definitely created by someone who would never use it. What is unuserfriendly even, Japan

But who am I to complain, it was a lot easier than if I had to go to a municipal office and do it there.

this aging office building's HVAC system occasionally emits a noise that sounds exactly like a muffled, distant Wilhelm scream

Some from today:
Stranger on the bus who raved about my sock knitting
Opening a Curly Wurly to find that a packing error meant there were TWO bars inside!
Coming home to a fire and having missed the worst of the rain on the bus ride

Good News the 1st:
I've been dealing with drama at work for the past 6 months, and it looks like it's finally getting sorted out. And just in time for me to come back from my weekend.

Good News the 2nd:
My new thermal-lined hoodie arrived today, and as I type this, I am wrapped in its coziness.

I hope all out there have something nice going on.

I did something that I had always wanted to but never did: I got my nipples pierced.

I became a mom a few months before turning 21 and those surrounding me at the time were focused on the concept of being a "good" and "proper" mom which meant no additional tattoos or piercings. I regret giving in to that expectation and not allowing myself to grow organically as an individual. However, I do think I became a pretty good mom to an amazing spawnling.


2023 Good Things

I have lamented about how 2022 was a less than stellar year for me and how I have been feeling a bit meh so far in 2023. So I decided that I am going start a Thread to chronicle the good things this year.

The pessimistic side of me thinks it is a silly exercise in futility (and maybe it is), but I still want to see how it goes. Here's to new things in a new year!


Home Sweet Home