hope you have such a

hope you have such a good day today look for positivity in the little things smile be happy its a good day to be alive

whydontwemusic hope you have such a good day today. look for positivity in the little things. smile. be happy. it’s a good day to be alive :) we’re a band. text us +1 323-348-1663.
DanielJHannan Hampshire The freedom to travel, to congregate, to buy and sell, to exercise property rights - these things are our birthright. They are not prizes to be earned through good behaviour as though we were prisoners applying for parole. Old Whig.
Mochievous Washington DC | Lagos People have been asking about Eromz and I promise, we will give an update as soon as we have one. I & 2 other lawyers have been in court since around 9:30am. We are hopeful he will be released today. Let’s keep our spirits up. Things are looking good. 11 | Attorney - Tech & Impact | I tweet about personal development, writing & growing communities. Partner - @tiphubafrica | Founder - @vazilegal @scalemyhustle
RJSalmond Sydney, New South Wales Carpet: Much darker than the sample implied. Kitchen floor: Much lighter than it appeared in the catalogue. Probably fine?? I think it looks good??? Things probably aren’t as important as I make them out to be in my head???? I love chickens. I make God Forbid, a show about religion for @ABCReligion on @RadioNational. DM me stories, secrets and glitter. Views mine
ThePupOfWallSt The World @danushman @cliffordc119 Good things come to those who wait! Swing Trader, Chart Wizard, Photographer and art lover. Social Media & Website Links: Sign Up for OTE:
drager_pennis @jaynordlinger Hey just wanted to let you know you’re a cunt. Conservatives have always been pieces of shit I the good news is that time exists and you will die from old age so we can change things in your absence. And I’ll shit on your grave. I invented a thing I call a University so an Appeal to Authority happens at an ideological level. Posadist at heart.
saki_chan_1 somewhere in Malaysia♡ I hope good things will come to me after the hectic days...😢 ❤️Japanese otaku❤️|cosplay❤️|anime❤️
jaephria ikonbin she/her junghwan looks so happy, my baby he deserves all the good things in the world @treasuremembers ⠀⠀⠀⠀ bangtan and treasure popper.
N0m_97 A lot of the things about me can be described using Friends cast as a reference point, I: Am as smart as Joey as smooth as Ross as rational as Phoebe Can cook as good as Rachel And Can dance as good as Chandler. Using humour as an offence mechanism.
wheeliedealer Lots Free Education...CLICK #SGE hit 10% but Results don't seem that bad and things like 90% Recurring Revenue are sweet. Cash Conversion very good. Some Bad Debt write offs. Could be value long term and over 2.7% Dividend Yield. I don't hold. Guess they have missed Target or something. Experienced Full Time Investor - follow my investing diary. Nothing I tweet can in any way be considered investment advice.
zendayaslaw she/her - 19 - France @karolsalg Omg I can't wait to watch ! I've only heard good things about these movies ! zendaya and christopher nolan world domination🪐 filmtwt and multifandom
aaron_m_lambert Chicago Been avoiding. Dropping @ 3am w/ MP pic for balance. Things here = Not So Good to Kinda Bad, w/ slight chance of Quite Bad. Return = TBD. That's it. Idk. Be/stay safe. Maybe drop me stuff. Or not. You know my likings. Fun beings. Art. Brainthink. Wordform. *Thank you* 💜💜💜 freelance writer/editor • prose/poetry • cinephile • (chicago) sports fan • IU alum ⚪🔴 • cat father of Moon Pie • #MentalHealthAwareness • #MMIWG 💜❤🖤❤💜
mikewaring cyberspace @lyne_ian This may have been interesting 25 years ago but its laughably dated and inaccurate now - can't believe that people are still posting and believing things like this. Good - IMHO this is the best way to discredit anything you say.
JerichoTitan Any where that doesn't have an asshole for a landlord @queenschmanda Good you got the reply , hopefully things workout! The best onlyfans in existence is in the link below
_kkochjin 🦋 God please give @BTS_twt all the good things in this earth, because they're too precious🥺 #JINKOOK: we're each other's best friends | ᵇᵃⁿᵍᵗᵃⁿ ᵇᵃⁿᵍᵗᵃⁿ 𝒃𝒂𝒏𝒈 𝒃𝒂𝒏𝒈𝒕𝒂𝒏
DannyBritton14 @KentEngland77 Good analysis . For me Lacca is now a bench player. Things will come good. For us Arsenal fans patience is the key . COYG Family & Arsenal for life
prince_andah Everywhere in Anywhere. When you're being careful with the things you do and people say you're being too careful then be extra more careful... Good Morning..! 來自光王國的一位王子。 JUST TURN ON THE LIGHTS TO BRIGHTEN ME TO ENLIGHTEN YOU!
BoxingDfs NY USA @Soulluminati @Realdevinhaney @Gervontaa I don’t disagree Haney is better than everyone else teo faced sans loma but based on what? You hate on kambosas yet his resume is better than Haney lol. U suck dick at this bro. Muted. Good luck w things. Boxing and DFS junkie. Just enough time on my hands to take a swing at speaking Boxing DFS into existence. Lets make some noise. 0 followers and counting
_hwangeumjjk01 So happy that BTS are happy. Seeing their smiles and laugh is a happiness not for me but to all the ARMYS all around the world😭💜 Please protect my boys at all cost. They deserve happiness and good things that they get everyday💜 @BTS_twt 's Back up/fan account💜 My account @kook_mytime7 got suspended BTS | TXT | ENHYPEN | and 99 others Life goes on, let's live on 💕

how far is it to Maun North West BOTSWANA