You know that legislation that

You know that legislation that makes it so you cant give WATER to voters says it has good things too guys

KatieHill4CA Washington, DC You know that legislation that makes it so you can’t give WATER to voters? @Delta says it has good things too guys. Former Congresswoman. Author of She Will Rise: Founder of HER Time PAC: @hertime2020. Host of @_naked_politics podcast. Not done yet.
davidsirota Denver, CO it’s weird how the filibuster stops good things from happening in a Democratic Senate but doesn’t stop bad things from happening in a Republican Senate Subscribe: @DailyPoster founder; @JacobinMag editor; @GuardianUS columnist; @EmilyforCO's spouse; @TheGoldbergsABC character; Author of 3 books
seungminkim Washington, D.C. >@PressSec confirms on Fox News Sunday that Biden's broad infrastructure plan will be effectively split up into two proposals - roads/bridges all that good stuff this week while things like the child tax credit, etc will be detailed sometime in April White House reporter for @washingtonpost, covering Biden and the Hill. @CNN political analyst, proud @politico alum. Email: seungmin.kim@washpost.com
Jessecooksfood There is so much kindness in the world. So many people doing things they don’t have to do because they want to make people feel good. Anti-Fascist. Cook. Bi. He/They. Mutual Aid on Capitol Hill.
jmpgbdionics @FAOInvest @FAOKnowledge @FAO @WorldBank @WBG_Agriculture Good morning, leaders and colleagues. We are from China. We need to clarify a few things to the world. Our Internet innovation could be robbed again. So we want justice all over the world. Please pay attention to our business. Thank you very much.

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