Well rested and ready to

Well rested and ready to get back to work after a great little Texas getaway good food good times and good people still didnt get a cowboy hat though why cant I have nice things

LiamPayne Well rested and ready to get back to work after a great little Texas getaway good food, good times and good people... still didn’t get a cowboy hat though 😒 why can’t I have nice things My debut album is almost here. Pre-order LP1 below, out December 6th 🙌🏼 #LP1

muftimenk Zimbabwe Don’t wait to turn back to the Almighty. Do it today. It’s as good a day as any; the sooner, the better. Seek Him. Thank Him & you’re on the road to a better life. It’s a misconception to wait for things to be prefect before you pray. Things will never be perfect. Start now! Mufti Ismail Menk of Zimbabwe.

WayneDupreeShow USAF Desert Storm/Shield Vet Name three things the democrats have done for the good of the country in the last three years. 2018 Pioneer Of New Media; 2017 Newsmax Top 50 Influential Black Repub, 2015 Blogger/Yr; 2014 Podcast/Yr, Political Commentator - 📧 wayne@waynedupree.com

nezewko Good for him but at this point they rly cant go anywhere without things like this happening agen... sad livetweeting starting in 3 2 1

Ekenedi55440246 @PapaAfrik Sentiment apart, Division of Nigeria will bring love, development and all manner of good things in that region. #Dividenigerianow Am just simple in nature, loves freedom

dariuswlsn @Randumber ME GOOD THINGS FALL APART HAS BEEN MY JAM LATELY Cat dad 🐈.. that’s about it

extraricea 032 @jelougolightly How hard can this be for others? Hahaha for them, if u criticize, u don’t have the right to be proud and praise the good things 🤭🤭🤭🤭 ain’t your ordinary GOAL digger

Rd1Dougan belfast @Blackie86Mark We arnt used to all good things happening around us at the oval. But long may it continue.👍👍👍 Football lover, Utd since 77, Aberdeen since1980.Glentoran season ticket holder.somerset ccc.if you dont agree with me, thats fine.each to their own.

IsadoraBright The Resistance @fuggirls How old is Dylan? Many adults don't have things figured out as well as he does! And good for Liam, too! You're raising 2 great young citizens. 🌊🌊🆘Join The Resistance! Occupant Trump poses an intolerable threat to the safety and security of every country on Earth. Unite with us to unseat him! 🆘🌊🌊

bengrue San Francisco, CA @digitalgain Things I'd do if I was obscenely wealthy: 1. Pay a good cg firm to redo all the b5 cg. 2. Also pay them to replace all the CRTs. 3. Also pay them to reanimate Sinclair. Soft eng for a long time. Indie games for longer. EP of Dungeons of Dredmor. Making #sullyRPG. MTG, jRPGs, 4X. He/Him private acct: @offbrandtakes

jperkin England, United Kingdom Maybe some kind of @Patreon model, where you sign up to do a good deed every time a politician of your choice lies, giving you a record of all the nice things you've done to offset the vile things they've spouted. Could get pretty expensive depending on who you "support"! Software Engineer (@pkgsrc) at Joyent, via Netcraft, BBC, MySQL, Sun, Oracle. I like taking photographs, playing the piano, and running half marathons.