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We will be supporting them in their quest to win gold in Tokyo amp also be their exclusive payment partnerWith their recent wins were proud of this team Signs of good things to come You can support here by donating

theflutterwave San Francisco, CA We will be supporting them in their quest to win gold in Tokyo & also be their exclusive payment partner. With their recent wins, we're proud of this team! Signs of good things to come 😎 You can support here by donating: We are simplifying payments 🦋| Official Twitter account for Flutterwave globally. For global support, contact @FlwSupport

waltshaub Do more for voting rights, Mr. President! One out-of-town feel-good speech doesn’t cut it. Do more for voting rights, Senators! Embracing your racist filibuster doesn’t cut it. Fight for voting rights before it’s too late! Or turn things over to folks who will. Senior Ethics Fellow @POGOwatchdog, former director @OfficeGovEthics, free gov ethics newsletter sign up:
MOFA_Taiwan Taipei City, Taiwan Good things truly come in threes. The 3rd shipment of #COVID19 vaccine doses for #Taiwan🇹🇼 from #Japan🇯🇵 brings the #RealFriend's donated total to 3.3 million since June. The government & people are forever grateful, & wish our special partner a successful #Tokyo2020. Thank you! Welcome to the official account of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan). All tweets initialled JW are by Minister Jaushieh Joseph Wu.

GoldenBrainReel @thephdstory Forget about that, the good students likely had other things to do rather than write on such a page. Bibliophile, Cultural Studies scholar, likely human. Dancing thoughts become a reel, a dance, sometimes with others, then one has hit gold.

ThuleanOdal @cottageempress I would keep the container out of the sun, so it might not be the case. And normally they close very good. Many things to consider (-; For our kin and honour! To see more about our crafts visit: @ThuleHandcrafts

chichioutoflove time is an illusion that helps things make sense, so we're always living in the present tense, it seems unforgiving when a good thing ends but you and i will always be back then 14 she/her ny. fw uzi, carti, kanye

11x2009k Without you things would be much easier. "I want to be friends with you, you look like a good person." Those words should never have been said to someone like you, but nevertheless I said them. こんにちわ、からです

ohkainah i One thing I learned while growing up is that I should never suffer for someone. I could suffer with them, but never for them. We're past the point where martyrdom is glorified. We deserve good things. 22, talks to herself.

pahnita I don't know if this is going to make its way into my game in any fashion but it's good inspiration. A lot of the time you can just grab things from this world and throw them into yours. she/they | bird in a human suit | morning ritual host | that d20 tattoo | founder @criticalmisses | 📧 criticalmisses@gmail.com

GhawaliSushant Mumbai @EmmaWatson You are very very important in India. Your presence is a good luck for our country. If you want to visit our country then please visit our country as earliest. If some mistakes are you found from us then I am sorry for that things. I am Kunbi. मी कुणबी आहे. 😊😄🤓😎➕ I am completed B. Sc. and appeared M. Sc. in Mathematics. 💐🇬🇪🇮🇳 👨👩👴👵👶♀️♂️✝️⚖️ U, B. Com., B. Sc. I.T., M.B.A.

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