We need to stop complaining

We need to stop complaining about what goes on in our lives Every storm was designed to make us stronger because all things that come from the Almighty always work together for our goodThere are others who are struggling way more than we could ever imagine Pray for them

muftimenk Zimbabwe We need to stop complaining about what goes on in our lives. Every storm was designed to make us stronger, because all things that come from the Almighty always work together for our good.There are others who are struggling way more than we could ever imagine. Pray for them! Mufti Ismail Menk of Zimbabwe.
prattprattpratt I really can’t say enough good things about my friend Tom Holland. He’s dashing, charming, handsome, he’s an amazing dancer, like could ACTUALLY save the universe in a dance off, an incredible talent but more… I love my family, friends, jokes, Jesus, movies, stories, outdoors, golf, mma, I do (some) of my own stunts. starring in Pixar’s “Onward” this March!!
LupeFiasco Chicago. IL And with that I’d like to announce my immediate retirement from Slaughterhouse. I like to thank all the SH fans for supporting me and the squad through the many many minutes I was part of the crew. But all good things must come to an end. #SH4Life #OneLove @SOSAguild Master IT / Co-Boss Of @StudioSVStories / F&F / @theStartfund / @wearemural / @LupeFiascoBNP /@COBRAKYP /@zeromasswater
abcdefghijkll_ dm me "good things come for those who wait, and I prayed for this, and then you came" —Sam💖 Tiktok ID: gallardoelle_
RaidersFc Worcester, England After all the hard work at Claines Lane to get back there some small minded bunch of people thought it would be good to break in to the ground and vandalise and steel things which has led to the postponement of tonight game vs @ShifnalTown1st at Claines Lane @WorcsFA #fumming Official Account • Champions WMRL Division One 2018/19 Step 6 Club. #UTR worcesterraidersfc2001@gmail.com or worcesterraidersfc@gmail.com
4CAnalytics Midlands, UK @lasermasterLtd @Jason_Culleton @SNIPEFandy @FoodmekLtd @StaffingRocket @pushypower @GBmfg_Neil @Oscarcompliance @olesosocial @RaeveCoaching @ScandHomesLtd @SpaceGuard @MacCo_Services @thematexpert @giant_group @FocusJonny Morning Jason. Hows things? It's my first day back this week, I've been off with a dreadful cold. Are your birthday celebrations all over now? Dd you have a good week off? Data Analytics Tools & Services. Reporting, Business Intelligence. Excel, Crystal Reports, Xcelsius & dashboard Development training courses. Tweets by Claire
bdball @Delta My experience with Delta... is your good at the little things... but bad at the big things. If my IFE has a problem (small thing)... you bend over backward to make me happy and even compensate with points... This is where I tweet about all the things I’m not supposed to talk about... Politics, Religion, Sports, Money... also visit my travel account @blazertravels
kathyfeller @traddegeneracy @Garland_Key @kim @shaunking @MSNBC @maddow @BernieSanders Well, that’s good then. Are you young? I have a lot of faith in the young. I hope you can improve things. Try not to be discouraged by this. You mention you’re a progressive, you might find this interesting. You can take their test and see how you compare.
bulkbiker Worthing, England @ggkuhnle @ChristianAssad @KCKlatt @KitchenBee I don't think extreme processing is very good either but yes I guess mainly ingredients. When profit is the main driver many things become compromised? Ex-Type 2 diabetic controlled with animal food based diet. Advocate of this way of eating. 🏳️‍🌈 Apparently I need to cut back on the "sour tossmuppet pie"
ekdcolman London, England Was trying to think of good things going on in the world and at least the ridiculous liquid lipstick craze is over Mst women’s, gender n sexuality studies at Oxford / I do @ladykillerspod and play bass in Killjoys and John Fletcher (she, they or whatevs)
usawmytweets There are some things that I've been keeping as a secret. Good things. But somebody just good at being a whistle blower. Good job good job attention! what's in Twitter stay in Twitter
TheSecretLawofA UK "Life is supposed to be fun. You said, "I'll go forth and choose. I'll look at the data, and I'll say yes to this and yes to this and yes to this, and I'll paint a picture of the things that I want, and I'll vibrate about them because that's what .... Tips, Tools and Techniques From The Top Law of Attraction Teachers Online 😀🙏✨☀️
mara_elize because when we couldn't explain things - particularly bad things that happen to us, it kinda feels good to put the blame on someone or something. Unhealthy, yes. But it's a coping mechanism. Freelance illustrator and graphic artist. 3rd year medical student. Not chinese. Loves figurative and edible cheese.
Foreman1David @HistoryBlitz @SpitfireFilly This is how It makes good engineering sense, in time of restricted resources and weigh-saving, to make things like gun turrets no larger than needed. I vaguely remember something about some being too big for the turrets even then? Child(ish) psychiatrist: (New) Culture Editor BJPsych Bull., NICE TAC member. Enjoys debating & cocktails, planning to join science/culture dots & more.

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