Two things we learned today

Two things we learned today 1- Be a good neighbor 2- Dont mess with Michigan women

RepDebDingell Washington, DC Two things we learned today. 1- Be a good neighbor 2- Don’t mess with Michigan women Proudly serving the people of Michigan's 12th Congressional District.
BerniceKing Atlanta, GA Please don’t battle people on Twitter on my behalf. I aim to do 3 things when I respond to people about misappropriating and mishandling my father: 1. Call them up, not out 2. Help w/learning #MLK 3. Get anyone reading closer to truth I’m good - I come from Martin AND Coretta. CEO of Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change (@TheKingCenter) • Connector • Communicator • Community Builder • Child of Global Leaders
KevinMKruse Princeton, NJ Oh no, what could happen if they release the information? Might Trump say intemperate things about the Democrats? Could Republicans retaliate by refusing to govern in good faith? Maybe they'd threaten to undermine the COVID response or refuse to raise the debt ceiling? Oh no. Historian: White Flight; The New Suburban History; Spaces of the Modern City; Fog of War; One Nation Under God; Fault Lines; Voter Suppression in US Elections.
EUEagleHawk1 Firenze, Toscana @OiseauBlizzard hey, you are not a mistake. you're a great person. I know you might have heard it many times, but I really mean it. think of all the good things that you do, both for you (your doves, the music you make...) and friends. you're important for me. I appreciate a lot having met you. 18 | bi and ace | birds and history/art/literature are the only things keeping me alive | male | pfp by: @godbirdart AD: @EUEagleHawkAD 💉 feel free to text me!
Gangothri1209 @daalmakhniiii Never have I ever had a good day ahead with the help of a partner class 12 as per the same thing to do it for you to do dumb things to do at home only one who is this brought out in the Indian subcontinent and surrounding tf 😂😂 Hey🐣
Elthepuppy North East, England Good afternoon sorry not been on here for a while iv been doing doggy things and walking my little feet off. Hope you are all well and keeping covid free like my daddy's are and yes my daddy put a mask on me too. EL, the Demogorgon Puppy
samanthatancdeo Philippines The posting of this is not a reason for one to be condescending but to encourage all to be divinely grateful and keep a generous mind and heart! Make it like manure, spread to let good things grow! i can talk. I can listen more! I listen to learn as I talk less. Love to ponder for fonder wisdom!
DahliaBooks Online DAY 25: We couldn't be more excited about Small Good Things which launches today! You'll find a link to a short story by @HannahWhiteoak and writing prompt here: #ShortStorySept #shortstories Short Story September is an annual campaign celebrating short stories. Join us:
ZekeDaHefe The 509 @go_msl @Gil_InUrCorner @goblok251 @Thencinoman @reedfella @RichHaskin @dgarcia3123 @ilium55 @toads2u @Jeffv23 @papaNplus10 @MrWarhop @TedBarberJr1 @IraPulverman @Scottvickers27 This was my take, but at the last minute I’m switching it up to 34-24 good guys... I still want to see a 14 point win, but I’ll go 34-24 to even things out. 😂 Kidding aside, I expect to see Slovis get back to playing fast, the run game get going, and the D be nasty. ✌🏽 #FightOn All about my Seahawks, Zags, M's, Lakeshow, USC, Habs, coffee, good tunes... Love my Rottweilers, family, and just chilling!
tsk_tsk0591 His friend made me understand many things about him. Now I understand more. I guess I needed this from his friend. I am learning to take everything in a good way these days. a nocturnal, believes in “survival of the fittest.” An Aquarian ♒️ | interior designer | not necessarily social but gud with people
naxynaxx Somewhere in Japan Brainstorming time (feel free to add your thoughts): "What good things will happen if I practice drawing more?"🤔 🔞 | 🏳️‍🌈 | Japanese | Freelance Artist | Sometimes a bartender | COMMISSION: | PATREON:
MetaWands @Barthazian good question. however statistics show that by the time many people make they no longer have the energy to do most things. most choose to either continue doing what made them money or just choose to relax on an island or farm somewere. In The beginning Beings of Intense and Great Power forged using the Ether Cauldron 11,000 Wands, each granting membership to the council of 11,000.

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