Two things happening right not

Two things happening right not and it aint good for Donald TrumpImpeachment inquiry hearings And then this little trial going on where prosecutors are arguing to a jury right now that Roger Stone lied to protect his long time associate Donald Trump

ShimonPro New York, USA Two things happening right not and it ain’t good for Donald Trump. Impeachment inquiry hearings. And then this little trial going on where prosecutors are arguing to a jury right now that Roger Stone lied to protect his “long time associate” Donald Trump. Journalist — instagram: @shimonpro
muftimenk Zimbabwe Don’t expect perfection in this life. The mess ups, the delays, the heartbreaks, the things you don’t understand, they’re all part of the Almighty’s Plan for you. He’s worked out every detail in each chapter of your life. Your job is to bear good patience as you go through it! Mufti Ismail Menk of Zimbabwe.
oluremisonaiya Ile-Ife, Nigeria Dear President @MBuhari, good morning. A new day is an opportunity for a fresh perspective on things. Deep within you, is it right for citizens to be shot at? If you freed Mr. Sowore now, what would it detract from you? What could it add to you? Please reconsider. Have a good day Presidential candidate for Kowa Party in Nigeria's 2015 Elections; Retired Professor of French and Applied Linguistics.
thebayleerenee Michigan, USA @A_J_Andrews I mean, yeah, but at least to start playing tomorrow night I'm gonna be hyper focused on it and have it docked. Going over to visit friends on Saturday though and we'll have a good time all playing it and finding things together! Baylee. 32. She/Her. Trans lesbian. 🏳️‍🌈 2018 Pokemon TCG Worlds invitee. VGC 2020: 28/400. Former administrator of The Sonic Center. DMs open.
bk009 South Africa Its a sad day when good men watch how things go bad and good men do nothing... Stay true to those you love and remain loyal in adversity.
shinjistarxx 22・she/her・🇨🇦towontoe uwu 😺✏ — thank you :') i could have presented things better and i've had some good discussions with people (even through h… 大学生。日本語/EN ok! Pokémon trainer・hobbyist artist・cat🐈 mom・fs⛸enthusiast (tcc+team🇯🇵) 趣味はお絵描き・ポケモン・フィギュア試合観戦 ※全選手好き・特に羽生選手とクリ家応援中⛸ ≪ 🎨イラスト専用垢→ @shinjistarart ≫
HamburgerBasket PDX, OR The fact that my mom buys me hamburger themed things all the time because she knows my username is either HamburgerBasket or Hamburger-Time on most sites...is...so pure and good. ;c; Noah. 28. He/Him (Trans) 🎨🧟‍♂️🏳️‍🌈🌘🐁🦴🦷 making art and comics, drawing dudes kissing, occasionally a huge furry. Constantly crying.
ufxqhh Malaysia How To Boost Your Confidence 🕊 • Stop comparing to others • Love yourself • Learn to accept compliments • Admire your strengths • Track your accomplishments • Exercise and go to the gym • Tell yourself good things daily • Always improve yourself • Set goals & hit them yuhuuuu
illinidiva12 Evanston, IL The Cubans were actually trying to destabilize things in Bolivia. Linking everything to the Forum of Sao Paulo is ridiculous but they are up to no good. They've been doing this since the 1960s. Chicago native. Catholic. Walked El Camino!! Lover of opera, Mexican food, travel, and craft beer. Aqui se habla espanol.

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