Two things about this story1

Two things about this story1 In the scheme of the CARES act this represents 01 of the money As an error rate thats pretty good2 Theres no indication of what percentage of dead people deposited the money Presumably it wasnt that high

chrislhayes Brooklyn Two things about this story 1) In the scheme of the CARES, act this represents 0.1% of the money. As an error rate, that's pretty good! 2) There's no indication of what percentage of dead people deposited the money. Presumably it wasn't that high? Dad to Ryan, David and Anya Proud husband of @kateashaw1 Host of @allinwithchris on MSNBC, weeknights at 8pm. #WITHPod Host Cubs fan Insta: chrislhayes
jadenhossler there are GREAT things in me and in front of me ! i call forth peace for myself and those around me the good is always there, it’s our choice to STOP focusing on the evil and focus on the greater things to come<3 focus on the good, and the good will focus on you! love u all love leads to change
IyanlaVanzant Silver Spring, MD Affirm: I put my faith in only those things that produce good for me. Bestselling #Author & #Producer of #FixMyLife. Life coach at @IVSLM who loves #lawandorder & mixing @masterpeacebody blends. Check out my new online course👇🏿
josiebear8 #ODX So! We are finally getting there. June seems to have been an awfully long month. News filtering through today and things are hotting up. Good luck to all holders. Enjoy the journey!
GAndrozani @heilthenimon Season One is mostly shit, but its so bad that its hilarious. Then theres a few gems that are surprisingly good. Season Two is mostly solid. I havent seen CoE but apparently its one of the best things Davies has ever written. And MD is very divisive Doctor Who YouTube Channel!
MORFOS1910 @P3N3TR80R @Lesion_gu_mine @FluffyHash @ArmouredSkeptic Hitler betrayed his people in many ways, he was an enemy of the world too. Churchill did neither of those things :D His genocide ocurred because of outdated views that were predominant in his time. But the point is: He did good for his nation, he deserve his statue in UK.
luvrchoi s/h 17 grrring at things is just@my automatic reaction now . kala are u good? #ATEEZ: hi kala pls stop asking wooyoung to be ur emo bf he doesnt want u 😁
NotAllThere16 English / Norsk I can’t either, the only times I feel like I really must do something is saying good morning and good night to Chuuya and sharing or finding things out for the band. How some people feel the need to post so often because they “have” to is a mystery to me 𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝕃𝕪𝕣𝕚𝕔𝕤: @arahabakiradio ‘Even as the world crashes, I won’t stop. Because in the end you’re the most important thing.’ pfp by @sharksketches
ConstanceJackso @DudekLinda Good Things DO HAPPEN To An Evil, Hollow, Meritless, Souless Trump Family. BornColorado. Raised In Wyoming. Lived In Alaska, Massachusetts, Cali, Now Reside In Texas. PROUD Liberal, Animal Lover, People Lover. AVID GARDNER! Drumpf=NERO
mxhoneytrap Boston @itssecretqueen i’ve been avoiding this one cuz i will be the most melancholic lil bitch lololol but i’ve heard so many good things i hear your (REDACTED) is weak, buddy. IG 📸: ms.honey.trap
Jaheim007 Abuja,Middle East Oh Allah! Open for us the doors to every good things, doors to peace, security, wellness, blessings, mercy, sustenance and doors to JANNAH, #Aamin Juma'at Mubarak Engineer,Reseach Scientist,Space Tech,Chem/Petroleum Tech.work@FG Enthusiastic,#HelenUKProject. #MentalHealth Advocate.#3Dguru 💓 Basketball,Team Barca💯
sixlillies i love when my mom calls me things like kurva and krava and debela😍😍😍 some other good ones are konj and majmun too ❤️ 18 | 🏳️‍🌈 | #BLM | @jxznq
dhanarenomi Indonesia It's okay to let a good things die.
parmaham5 @deficit_the @Jeepy36 @ClaudiaWebbe So you’re saying dont point out anything that shows Israel in a poor light even if it’s true? When good people start ignoring things like that it’s a very slippery slope, saying that Starmer is funded by Israel so we can all see why he’s taken the action he has.
PeterPumer Miami, FL @WatchdogDiva Obsession? No, obsession. Just good to see that sometimes, when things look really, really bad, they can still turn out acceptably good. Center-left and a complete waste of everyone's time.