Try to enjoy the good

Try to enjoy the good things that come your way

johnmaine Phoenix, AZ Try to enjoy the good things that come your way. An individual with the occasional unrealistic idea.
JujuliaGrace London, England Good things come to those who proactively campaign for them, en masse. Doctor, campaigner, forager, magpie. Chief Executive of @EveryDoctorUK. All views my own.
kurtbardella Arlington, VA Unlike @mtgreenee ... @RepAOC has Committee assignments and has better things to do with her time than debate a lunatic. @AOC is fighting the good fight. Move along MJT. You’re not in her league. @LATimes + @USAToday Contributor @MorningHangover Publisher @KAPAction_ Advisory Board Member Lincoln Project, House Oversight, Sen. Snowe Alum #StopAsianHate
followLTTF London #TGIF ......2000+ football games coming up over the weekend. No need to trade them all. No need to dive in looking for entertainment. Just wait for things to line up as you want. Wishing all good trading and good luck. Trading the Betfair Exchange using my own fully automated football strategies. #bots #goals #money ⚽️
darcyvision 16 they/she @luciehuh same here! i have to wait til im home from school, hope you enjoy it tho :) everyone’s been saying good things #DARCYLEWIS: ‘yeah, I'm not great at this gig, I gotta be honest. It doesn't really speak to my skillset’♡ doctor strange enthusiast / tfatws era
tokume16 @E4WWwaN7IGTPHxh @zlj517 Oh, I don’t. I may have offered you a different story. It is something I believe. We seems to believe different things. I al least check what you gave me. I learn how Chinese are taught from a real person. It’s not much different from what I already know. But it was good to know. Twitter初心者です。よろしくお願いします。
sanrawal @atiyaz @irfhabib A doctor son can not be a good jeweller or builder , training and experience in field does matter A novice will spoil things Only second generation in any field can be successful ना होता मेँ,तो क्या होता
_Vikram_Rathore Jammu Situation in Lknow is not really v good but too much paranoia has also been created too that helps none...all the videos of samshan and etc etc on WA .. Just stay put tight together and take extra care atleast for a week after that things will fall in place Govt will crack it..