They will search for two

They will search for two things a shred of good in the life of a white murderer and any shred of bad in the life of an unarmed black man You can set your watch to it

YNB Fiddling with your mind They will search for two things: a shred of good in the life of a white murderer and any shred of bad in the life of an unarmed black man. You can set your watch to it. #KyleRittenhouseIsStillADoubleMurderer Just a scripted-line saying, game show playing, TV show talking, notebook hawking super blerd! #StayWoke ❤✊🏽 #AlwaysABridesmaid on @netflix
caveofbeauty New York, USA This is traumatizing to the baby. Literally heartbreaking to watch. I hated math my WHOLE life because I associated it with being yelled at by my dad. I only found out I actually was good at it in HS AP calculus. Things like this stick, even at this young age. Licensed Esthetician | NY Acneologist at Skin Wins Spa 👩🏽‍🔬| In @Vogue + @washingtonpost + @nylonmag | Head of Education @mytopicals | lily@caveofbeauty.com
andrew_leach Edmonton, Alberta It's a good time to remind you all that things in Alberta were looking bad before January, 2020. A competent and honest government would level with Albertans about this reality. The question is whether your government will do so. And yes, I have receipts. 1/N #ableg Proof you can have a PhD and still be dumb. Welcome ray of economic sunshine. Cyclist. Nerd King of the World. Prof @ualbertabiz and LLM student @ualbertalaw.
hannahkarpaty Pembrokeshire Special day! The Feast of St Augustine 🎉🥳 After reading his confessions I was hooked on this guy, made a huge difference to how I see things! Forever grateful! Anyhow, I’m off to find a pear to eat! Prayer for today in pics!! Have a good one! Church in Wales Ordinand, training at St Padarns Institute Llandaff, Wife to the amazing Antony. views my own, retweet’s not necessarily endorsements!
shoularium 17 • she/her • 💫 @ovichbenji AHHH IM SO EXCITED IVE SEEN A LOT OF GOOD THINGS ABOUT IT #CHUUYA: call me short again and i'll break your nico nico kneecaps ✦ cw: fmab ✦ cr: jujutsu kaisen + bnha
ADLeonWinter Ohio, USA @Anticoolrobot you retweeting fire this night. Well, early morning now but damn it that's not the point. You've a good tastes in many things. Now share some boopin' music and make it 10 for 10. Zebra Furry | Perverse Gentleman | He & Him | This is the AD account of @vrcLeon.
seiibutsu summoning the kracken Making sure not to make others villains and to work to find solutions of change. They do this never drawling attention to themselves. They make sure eyes are on the things that need to be seen, not on them doing "good things". Making things ~ the internet's best kept secret ~ greatest man who never lived
iainlobb Truro, Cornwall @stephengraves It's honestly amazing that people would want to take the few good things to come out of all this and throw them away for the sake of... let's be honest, landlords. BAFTA-winning freelance Unity game developer & game designer. C#. I developed Zwok, Stackopolis, Meta4orce, The Dumping Ground: You're The Boss, Owl Spin & more
seiibutsu summoning the kracken You know... mentioning in a public space you are "giving up an award" does two things... 1: Reminds people you have won awards. And 2: says "look at me and my noble sacrifice ! Look how good I am! Support me, praise me, award me!" Making things ~ the internet's best kept secret ~ greatest man who never lived
oneus_leeseoho @luvmoasomuch Why r u sorry, u r not to blame. Things are good . ☁ .・ 나는 사라지고 싶다 ・. ☁ . алкаши отбитые фу @luvmoasomuch
_CEEFAX_ Weeping like Caesar at Gades @Otakundead Good question, there's lots of contention. But things like 'mental illness is a chemical imbalance' are marginal, for example, episodic vs semantic memory not so much. Idk, in general militaries and agencies have this habit of investing in crazy shit, metalstorm comes to mind Call it 'liquid bread' and you're fuckin' toast They/them | He/him | 23
IINoobSlayerII he/him - 17 @arewesatellites good things famous snowman ☃️
pamkato Silicon Valley, CA USA Blame the murder victims out after curfew, not the 17 year-old armed murderer. If this is OK, then things are not good here, my friends. Serious Games for Health, Social Entrepreneur, Scientist, Artist, Behavioral Intervention Architect (Re-Mission, Air Medic Sky 1, TakoDojo, Plan+It Commander)
Mr_Abu233 +233 @Bra_Kobe He’s very good at what he does. Getting things done Black man rising ✊🏽
Njoyn42 Phoenix, AZ And we know that to them that love God all things work together for good, even to them that are called according to his purpose. I’m proud of the woman I am, because I went through one hell of a time becoming her.
_ohashisan Honolulu, Hawaii @manatakecare It’s good haha Don’t worry, just wait until like season 2 and things get way better 😅 It Be Like That Sometimes
AnconaDanielle @WillieHandler I start with good intentions of folding every time, and end up rolling. I try this method I am posting and fail miserably🤣😂 My husband, on the other hand, holds the damn things, and gets a gorgeous, neat square folded sheet #HistoricalFantasy w/Romance~Alchemy, passion, m/f warriors, mythology & STEM. Amalgams these Elements into books. 🖋’ing Book II
analystsouth @BarristerSecret Those judges would have happily strung up someone whose barrister had only had the papers 5 minutes before and was no good at murder trials and have summed up dead against the defendant. So im not defending Victorian justice. Just that some things would have been anathema. Curious, observant. Interests: Science, sci fi, nature, gadgets, cats, stationery, photography, rocks and minerals. 📚💡🖋🏳️‍🌈 Tweets = Personal Opinions ONLY

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