Theres nothing there Im trying

Theres nothing there Im trying to let the House know that theyre dividing America for no good reason Weve got a lot of things we should be doing like lowering drug costs amp getting a trade deal with Mexico and Canada The Do Nothing Dems have gone crazy

realDonaldTrump Washington, DC “There’s nothing there! I’m trying to let the House know that they’re dividing America for no good reason. We’ve got a lot of things we should be doing, like lowering drug costs & getting a trade deal with Mexico and Canada.” @LindseyGrahamSC The Do Nothing Dems have gone crazy! 45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸
SlanderOfficial Music+Tour Dates ➡️ ILLENIUM - Good Things Fall Apart (SLANDER REMIX) @ILLENIUMMUSIC @jonbellion Music producers from Los Angeles. @GudVibrations #GudVibrationsRadio
GabrielConte LA “and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” - romans 8:28 believer, creator, husbander | owner @conteam
Frankiebogart The Canada-lands @BAKKOOONN Good things will come. BOP! Canadian dude with a variety of hobbies and interests. I am not really a cave spider.
Rachel_A_ @WeStudentNurse @AliceNiamhPUNC So much traffic I don't have time to get Rachel fuel- Lucozade Not sure I'm going to be awake beyond NSR 😬 It'll be really good to have revision and learn some new things:) 3rd yr Student Nurse (Adult) BNU, Student Ambassador & Emergency Medical Technician.#150Leaders #WeStNs...interest in wellbeing & student experience. Own voice!
JSoulCatcher Naggaroth @timand2037 Whoever has done a few good things is a free pass to commit electoral fraud and be corrupt and deny the will of his people, whoever is indigenous does not make him master and lord of the indigenous people ♑️🎮• Fantasy and Science Fiction books, comics, games • I move around the worlds of English and Spanish • Blaspheme full time⛧• Sometimes I write✍️
Varun_Reddy969 @vajrayudha11 @tsukaretasf Maybe one of the few good things that Bal Thackeray did. Emergency was a necessary step.
MotherEarthD UK Good morning you beautiful lot! This weeks crystal: lepidolite Lepidolite asks why you keep replaying things over and over in your mind? Do you realise that overthinking is causing issues to become magnified?… On a journey to enlighten I am a supplier of crystals, a practitioner/teacher in crystal healing, meditation, CBT, aromatherapy and a Reiki Master/teacher .
HowlandRobin West London @andywigmore @Nigel_Farage @Arron_banks @TiceRichard @LordAshcroft Boris says a lot of things. It'll be: we need a few extra days, few extra weeks, not my fault it's them...let's throw more good money after bad whilst we scratch our arses...hang on we need another GE to deliver the stuff we promised you'd have by now...
iamonename California, USA so my mom just lost her job and i’m looking for a job right now and i’m stressing about college applications and everything in general and it’s all a mess haha! hopefully things get better soon but if not it’s all good. life does what life does after all welcome to my twitter where it’s always no gf hours
amanda__hughes And your period of productivity begins................ NOW. get up, off your ass, outta your slump, out of your bag, and into good things, good people, good experiences, and GET THAT homework, laundry, cleaning, money earning, self care DONE✅ TU ‘22🍒 snapchat: ahughes0018
kaylovd I want a movie where only good things happen to the protagonist and there’s no plot and no problems just all good things so I can just fantasize for a good hour and a half a salvi queen
asha_astrology Sydney, New South Wales being prepared is never a waste of time. Pls also take the risk of smoke seriously espec if you have asthma or health issues - a wet bandana is a good make-do if you begin to feel sore in your chest. Do not wait til things are dire - be a dork and get where you might need to go, Astrologer, wild woman, writer, tarot teller. Dreaming from the Old Stories. Practical spirituality. Find your path, change the story ❤️ ♎️ Asc🌙♉️⭐️Krittika ♑☉
AwakexSeokjin @JacksonWang852 Congratulations Jackson!! 😁😁😁 You deserve all the good things coming your way! Jin fan account

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