The Waukesha SUV killer had

The Waukesha SUV killer had been previously arrested for purposefully running over a woman with his vehicle outside of a gas station Things are going to get worse and worse until we stop excusing crime just so white liberals can feel good about themselves

bgmasters Tucson AZ The Waukesha SUV killer had been previously arrested for *purposefully running over a woman with his vehicle* outside of a gas station. Things are going to get worse and worse until we stop excusing crime just so white liberals can feel good about themselves. COO of Thiel Capital, President of The Thiel Foundation Running for U.S. Senate in Arizona.
Pastor__West Turn on my notifications Dear Lord, Today, bless the week ahead of me. May all that concerns me be made perfect. May all my hustles be fruitful. I prophetically decree and declare that I am not Forsaken. Good Things are happening for me and around me. I am blessed indeed. In Jesus name. Amen🙏🏾 Founder & Senior Pastor of Faith Empowered Ministries in Baltimore, MD Instagram Pastor_West Bookings: Pastor@FEMINC.church
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RodgeLifePlus Bad days, weeks, even months or years are normal but remember that nothing is permanent, things change and shift and good days are coming. Dx:April 2021–CD4 201 | Started ARV May2021 | UD after 3 mos—CD4 283 | Mental health challenges—family problem,substance use,depression… need + life talks | U=U
IgniteRockShow From the cloud; to you! Are you thinking about one of these soon? Maybe some biscuits & a blast of the new show at All 3 things are full of good feelings and great vibes! 😉 Music is just the best addition to life & the volume of positivity musicians give us; just SO important. They're amazing people, come have a listen! 😉
Turnstilesmag @Richb1169 Thanks so much Rich, it means a lot when people say good things about the magazine! So much effort goes into making it. Glad you like the little extras as well. Unfortunately only Lorimer was printed 👍 Honest, I Swear it’s the.......Issue 3 now available “It’s Bloody Ace” - One of many satisfied readers
hmmmmwhy @LindaPlush @MikeSington Nothing says Christmas like shouting nasty things about other people's decorations. What happened to the season of good will etc or does common human decency only extend to your friends and those you like. It's plain nasty and you all need to give your heads a good wobble.
thedgrayson Trussville, AL @almightygod ...and as long as you ask for things that have a pretty fair chance of happening randomly on their own, then we're all good. 👍🙏 Formerly a Psychic Medium, now an XL Destroyer of Non-Stick Cookware Published Author, Professional Background Actor, Aspiring Comedian
MissTeeOfficial London via your fadas house @THEECLASSICMAN @PreciousGNSD Manny I don’t believe in naps.. why am I teasing and flirting with my good sis Ms sleep.. if I’m going to close my eyes I need to ensure we are committing to a good 4 to 5 hours.. in that time I will star in a film, sing at a concert and do ungodly things to someone’s son Closet Nollywood actress with delusions of grandeur and an unhealthy relationship with eba and ogbono
shmurr_ You know, I’ve never claimed a year as “mine”. God usually gives me a word for the year and trust me, that word manifests itself in so many ways. But this upcoming year? Yup! It’s mine. For sure. I’m declaring God’s favor over me AND it lol. Things are about to get REAL good 😊 First we weren’t a people, now we are a people. Do you know who you are? #Royalty 👑💕 (1 Peter 2:10 NLT) || JESUS Enthusiast 💃🏻
OkiuraMizu Psync Room I was never a good girl...I didn't listen to Mom...I couldn't do ordinary things...That's why Mom hit me... Emotionally attacking Date | interactions OK
TMGBrock @GreenDotBank i need help with a “closed account” issue.. im not hearing good things about this situation that im in, from other people ... but maybe yall can actually help me..because it was a recently closed account...
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addebbayo Why God dey allow bad things to dey happen to good people at times?😭😭 Nigerians🇳🇬 deserve good governance irrespective of the political party🌱
pinkheadgear Purgatory Mansion It is!...NOT! Maybe...YOU'RE the one that's lying! MAYBE KUMQUAT WASN'T SUCH A GOOD FRIEND TO YOU! MAYBE SHE DIDN'T DESERVE TO HAVE YOUR FRIENDSHIP, AND MAYBE I MADE HER SAY ALL THOSE THINGS JUST SO YOU'D SEE THAT IT'S TRUE! Bow bot !!! Not affilated with @animationepic !! Tweets every half hour !
jo_nish kolkata Shamita and Vishal having a conversation about Teja. Shamita trying to say good things about Teja here and there but Vishal emphasizing on how Teja is jealous and possessive and covers by saying 'I am not bitching about her' Why does Teja trust such people? #TejasswiPrakash Live and let live !
leejacksonaudio Garland, TX My good friend @JakeTheVoice123 will be playing a radio DJ in the game Postal 4! To make things more fun, he'll be playing my song, "Interstate 30" from my Derivations album inside the game! Be on the lookout for it! #postal #Videogame Wrote Grabbag for Duke Nukem 3D, plus music for Rise of the Triad, Stargunner, and Shadow Warrior. Now on disability retirement, still writing music.
Najlaalomair1 Good things take time..🤍 Some people dream of success while others wake up and work for it.
FacePlantt44 @jetcat_jesus @kyotolover12 A very good point on the unions. You could tell things were bad when John Setka sold CFMEU mbrs down the river. No other union I know of spoke out. In some countries some unions took a stand but in Aus they have been MIA Get your vaxx out of my friggin arm

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