The Trump calculusSoldiers convicted by

The Trump calculusSoldiers convicted by our Military Courts of war crimes HeroesDecorated soldiers with spotless records who testify to things they experienced that dont look good for Trump Cowards unAmerican traitors

kurteichenwald The Trump, @GOP, @LindseyGrahamSC, @DevinNunes calculus: Soldiers convicted by our Military Courts of war crimes: Heroes. Decorated soldiers with spotless records who testify to things they experienced that don't look good for Trump: Cowards, unAmerican, traitors. New York Times bestselling author.

mikercarpenter Washington, DC “So many in the State Department have now lost all respect for Pompeo — with good reason. His behavior is one of the most shameful things I have seen in 40 years of covering U.S. diplomacy.” Managing Dir @PennBiden. Former DASD for Russia/Balkans/Eurasia @DeptofDefense, Director for Russia @NSC44, and career diplomat @StateDept. Views mine alone.

meaganmday If unions don't have to bargain for healthcare because it's guaranteed to everybody under Medicare for All, two good things happen: 1) Employers no longer get to use health as leverage 2) Unions can focus on fighting for higher wages, paid leave, better working conditions etc Staff writer at @jacobinmag, member of @demsocialists. Coauthor of Bigger Than Bernie: How We Go From the Sanders Campaign to Democratic Socialism

VhaCello Thohoyandou @missZwanga That is a good idea to avoid saying things you wish you should not say online 🔄Follow me i will follow back↩️💯👌 One Love ❤️🤝 #Hevhathu

Henko404 Colorado, USA I think the idea of having shitty people who do good things like reigen is so God damn kino You can say what he does is shitty. But deep down he still does good things and is a positive force on the people around him It creates a balanced character Learning Japanese and Programing. SciAdV | Manga | YuGiOh | Bleach | JRPGS | Fate | Kiseki | Drakengard | Fire emblem. Play Chaos;Child. ❤@jessesgems❤

lloydbanks1984 @TSWManchester @CoopsCopa33 @BorisJohnson @jeremycorbyn Probably 1 of the good things left in our country the NHS MD of Lyndon Hogg flooring

MyLifeAsCHELLE_ Detroit, MI But I’m trying to speak positivity over myself. Good things, good things! the marathon continues🏁 .

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