Thank you for the good

Thank you for the good reviews and comments on my interview with Chris Wallace of We may have set a record for doing such an interview in the heat It was 100 degrees making things very interesting

realDonaldTrump Washington, DC Thank you for the good reviews and comments on my interview with Chris Wallace of @FoxNews. We may have set a record for doing such an interview in the heat. It was 100 degrees, making things very interesting! 45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸
BritishGQ London, England "I want people to feel good when they listen to my music. That’s one of the amazing things we had with One Direction.” @Louis_Tomlinson The men's magazine with an IQ. Subscribe:
CKirubi Nairobi Your mind is a magnet. If you always think of success, you attract more success into your life. If you always think of failure, you attract more problems and downfalls. Always keep good thoughts and stay positive because thoughts become things. #ThursdayThoughts #AskKirubi Media Owner | Entrepreneur | Mentor. A trailblazer who thrives on and embraces change fast. Isn't afraid to challenge the status quo. @thefuse984 #AskKirubi
cisefps @psyper_ good things come on threes 15 | ex-grandmaster tracer, washed fortnite player, 27.07cm/rev
capfc Click Here ➡️ The sooner you realise Good things come to those who go out and get them Not those who wait The better So what are you waiting for?? E-com business owner - How i got started Built my own shopify store
justmpho_sa Johannesburg South sometimes I wish I wasn't a good person so i wouldn't feel guilty for the bad things i mistakenly do to other people. 🇿🇦
james67359249 @Mr_Forbes02 @GosvenerWilliam @dustinbobbauer @KellyVicars @ansleyheinsohn @davidhogg111 @American4Love @NRA @realaustintong @FordhamNYC Of all things that create/worsen recoil is speed of the bolt when it reaches its end of travel, a 13 pound AR10 isn’t gonna have less recoil, my friends AR10 build with a 18” is pretty tame, a good brake would do it perfectly tho, so if you want a do all, I’d say 16” modern wannabe gun smith, some dumb ass who builds AR15s and glocks, profile picture by gjaravont
IGBOTICNwa Asaba, Nigeria God has his own way of doing things I believe today is your day Good bless @DONJAZZY and also bless you bro. I celebrate with you.. Enjoy 🔥 God is the Plug Nation™~Die hard Liverpool FC⚽~Your 26yr old no1 footwear 🔌👟👞~#
Benjami50011958 So this is what broke my family not the wild display of public effection sounds good but worked with a man TU Nguyen was on top of the game made ton of money but bad choices and negative actions gambling he then did not so nice things and we moved into a house Honesty straight forward and don’t respond to the media propaganda. We face in the development of res structure of the 2021 change.
realvstargaming Australia Why do i keep getting porno accs follow my insta & trying to msg me (possibly for my money)? 🤢 if i wanted 'services' i go look for it myself. Im fine being single but if a good woman comes along & doesnt bolt when things are tough then im good with that. Dating is a b*tch. Part-Time #twitchanz affilate Streamer. nintendo nut, pop culture enthusiast & lover of food. #realvstargaming Personal acc @therealvstar
OldBlueEyes13 Cymru @b_dxvies @MaxLTEE @ManUtd_HQ @brilliant_ch4ng Neville says good things about us now because we've been playing well since December but he's been Uniteds biggest critic for years and Ive never heard him defend a dive tbh, he's an honest pundit/co commentator 20 TIMES, 20 TIMES MAN UNITED
westirelandgirl North Tipperary, Ireland @CorkCoypu True true all good things... public engagement @Irishhospice schools coordinator @children_grief passionate about dying death loss and grief. Always here to chat ❤️
NandSigga London, England @VoffinatorLJ I never played tropical freeze but ive heard good things I can't read.
jkzzpop Kookyland @toffeemin @JKlover23566012 @teteskuku Does that make whatever op said wrong? If you have to comment these things under every good thing someone posts about jungkook, just to invalidate their opinion, you are no better than any anti. Come down your high horse The little prince :) #BTS
Ross90141394 Glasgow, Scotland @AATG57 I can’t see the club sacking him in all honesty, some of the things he’s said has made me think wtf but I also think he’s done some good interviews, am sure behind the scenes he will do things a lot of us won’t know about, the board will look the same, maybe Stuart Gibson added
ure_amelia Redcar, England Never ever post things like this, but after being in a really bad place and not feeling good enough, I’ve sorted my shit n feel officially ready for hot girl summer🤣 insta| ameliafaitheure
LeahWalti London, England @meadomartens You're good at naming these things 👍 Arsene Wenger, Aaron Ramsey, Vivianne Midiema, Danielle Van De Donk, Leah Williamson, Lia Walti, Kim Little, Jackie Groenen.
CarterDaArta Trinidad & Tobago @NateThomas89 We jackassing the scene, we as a ppl don't like good things, we tell ourself that it to calm let we get covid in we ass to shake things up. Only The Strong Survive 🇹🇹
jwsuth UK @ole_b_peters @StephanieKelton @davidgraeber Things become money because they have good qualities to help them fulfil the purpose of money - facilitating trade. It just so happens that at the current time the things that have the most useful money qualities are pieces of government paper. This can, and likely will, change. #Bitcoin
kamleshtheking Burari, New Delhi #शराब_समाज_की_शत्रु Whether it is alcohol, sulfa, opium, hiroene, etc., it will cause your annihilation. It is not mentioned in any scripture to be intoxicated. It is ruining the human society. Saint rampal ji maharaj teaches good things to his followers. I want to become Indian ambassador
diarmuidmccoy Geelong Victoria Australia @ItaButtrose we’re not allowed hug...never was it a good idea anyway...millennials are many things and they are resilient to the destruction or previous generations. Specialist Pain Medicine Physician, Husband, Dad, migrant, Celt, skeptic, inelegant cyclist & fountain pen fan.

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