Thank you I hope I

Thank you I hope I didnt overhype it when I told you good things are coming

Jeff__Benjamin New York, NY @karenmayc Thank you 😭😭 I hope I didn't overhype it when I told you good things are coming!! ❤️ Storytelling. K-pop columnist @Billboard, editor @TIDAL, host @KBSWorldTV|Words @NYTimes @RollingStone @Forbes @Variety @GQMagazine|JeffBenjaminWrites@gmail.com

DavidGHFrost London The end to the fracking ban (if confirmed today) is a very good decision. I hope it comes with the right incentives to ensure fracking sites actually get built - & that the government will ensure the inevitable protests from far-left green activists don't hold things up. Lord Frost of Allenton. Senior Fellow, @Policy_Exchange. You don't get something for nothing, you can't have freedom for free.

FabrizioRomano Milano, Italia Manuel Akanji reveals: "I'm happy here at City. Erling Haaland texted me before I came... and when Man City call you, I didn't have to think twice". 🔵📲 #MCFC "Haaland only told me good things and I’m happy I made the decision". Here we go! ©

HockeyBroad Chicago, IL If you want some NON-fiction about the monarchy, Anne Boleyn: 500 Yrs of Lies is a pretty good read to start with: While it's not about the monarchy, I'll always recommend Salt, which shows how the simple things drive our world Come for the hockey views; stay for the history lessons, eyerolling & sarcasm. Mouthy scooch. She/her/lib/pan 🏳️‍🌈🖖🐈📚🏒👨‍🚀🍿📷 IDIC & #DBAD $CherylTWB

Student75919598 Your daily motivation is to realize that good things come to those who work hard for it!

0xdropys Start Airdrop → @iamwesselart I’m happy to hear you’re finding a better model. All good things take time to perfect ✨ #1 Airdrop tool on the market. Select NFT(s), create a snapshot & airdrop tokens, NFTs & crypto! 🦄 Ethereum, Polygon, Binance

muqyng they. 29;⠀ic rinamakesart;⠀20↑ @writteninink2 YESSSS its crazy!!! i had no idea that these things take so long from day 0 to shipping day! but i miss it 🥹 i miss everyone going 'hi i need a few extra days for the deadline' whenever a new check in date was set lmaoo it was such a good time and a good team 😭 gray; writer and fengqing lover. 🫒🫐 tgcf • tyk • meatbun.

RNjudyFlorida Florida, USA @krisalteyespy @Christo12919382 Uvalde, Tx just had active shooter again too. Things are ramping up. Not in a good way. I am afraid midterms will be a mess of violence. Vote by mail or drop box if you can. Check you pr status and plan your vote. Voting blue in every race is the only way out of this nightmare Retired Nurse. Democrat. #AbortionIsHealthcare #VoteBlueToSaveDemocracy #ArrestTrumpNow #GOPTraitorsToDemocracy #VoteThemAllOut #DemocracyNotAutocracy

Hanes2307 @SocDoneLeft Bruh how can he be a great leader and do the TWO worst things? "Oh he was good he just did ethnic cleansing and criminalized gay people" hello?!?! He/Him, 18 Hi I play various games mostly Pokémon and other RPGs. I like anime but ain't in 99% of anitwitter.

oct_jefre Bills looked good week 1, Rams gon have a slow start to their season by the looks of things, and the Baltimore Ravens play this Sunday so the week ain’t over and things are just starting to pick up, great first week of football good fucking night 🇩🇴🇸🇻

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plandefeld410 @R99C_ @JezTMUFC @RapSheet Good thing I wasn’t defending the principles of any of those wars. I’m not trying to dunk on Britain by saying we won; I’m dunking on Britain for saying that we’ve fought wars on the basis of how wrong the things the Queen stood for were UMD Economics ‘23 / Baltimore born and raised

NehaDha75808533 Relatable @realsehajpal here to shine✨💫 Good morning 🧿♥️💞 God bless you abundantly in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work⭐️ #PratikSehajpal Dr Neha (Physio )👩‍⚕️ PRATIKFAM🌸 ❤️ #RCBian🏏 VIRAT KOHLI FAN ❤️ Melomaniac💕🎶 Scorpion ♏️

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