Stop revisiting your past It

Stop revisiting your past It no longer exists It doesnt define you Its a good reminder but dont allow it to hinder your future As long as it woke you up from your slumber and youre trying to fix things for the better thats good enough The Almighty sees your efforts

muftimenk Zimbabwe Stop revisiting your past. It no longer exists. It doesn’t define you. It’s a good reminder but don’t allow it to hinder your future. As long as it woke you up from your slumber and you’re trying to fix things for the better, that’s good enough. The Almighty sees your efforts. Zimbabwe

Ashton5SOS He/Him @cliffcriss @iafirwin I think it’s our awareness to see the good things that are already in our lives. Living in gratitude is a choice and a practice that must be worked on till habitually you exist and move within a grateful frame of mind. This will Raise your vibration and always more good to happen hello, I’m ash

cindytrimm Stockbridge, GA God is working all things together for ur good. He has a master plan for ur life. There may be things u don’t understand right now but do not worry. All the pieces may not here yet. One day it will all come together and everything will make sense. In the mean time keep trusting! ✈️ World Renowned Speaker 📚 Best-Selling Author 📝 Life Strategist 👩🏽‍💼 Humanitarian ⚡️ Mover, Shaker, & History Maker.

peppypeaker Surprise, AZ @SamHeughan I think that crooked smile is something worth keeping, long after Jamie’s been put to bed, to coin a phrase. Some things are just meant to stay pure. Like fine wine, a good whisky, and leather with tweed; a man with a sexy side-smile ages very well. #keepsmiling Wife,Mom,Grammy, Puppy lover,Cheer Coach, Peaker & Survivor. Concerned citizen with writing skills. Fan of BIDEN,Obama, Oregon Ducks, Outlander, Life & God!

BobStrachan10 Vancouver, British Columbia @blue_midwest @ACTBrigitte I don't regret it at all. I just thought about things, and it worked. Get it on, and Vaccinate to help your country defeat the pandemic. Save a few hundred lives while you are at it. Feel good, don't hurt a bit. 🍻 Put a little love in your heart 🥰 Gramps, animal/nature lover, and lover, accountant., 🇨🇦😍🇨🇦

jenomintchoco she / they @starlightminn thank you so much for holding this giveaway, may you be bless with abudant of sustenance and many good things <33 have a nice day ahead, take care and stay safe!!!!! i hope for luck to be with me this time hehehe >__< delulu tweets // do not follow if we're not close

LiselotteWiller Frederiksberg, Denmark @BDStanley Is it the square our very badly chosen hotel had a view out at? And thank you for the insights you are giving us all to Poland, the history, the good things and the opposite. I used to know close to nothing about a neighbouring country just south of Denmark …

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