Stay positive the positive power

Stay positive the positive power is like a magnet that will bring you a lot of good things and opportunity

Msuppasitstudio Stay positive, the positive power is like a magnet that will bring you a lot of good things and opportunity. #POPxMSS @MSuppasit Mew Suppasit Agency, Since 2020 mssmanagement@mewsuppasitstudio.com

elonmusk @flcnhvy Accept worst case outcome & assign it a probability, which is usually very low. Now think of good things in life & assign them probabilities – many are certain! Bringing anxiety/fear to the conscious mind saps it of limbic emotional strength. Cheery fatalism is very effective.

WhiteHouse United States of America Today, @POTUS will travel to Detroit to visit an electric vehicle assembly plant and talk about how the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will bring good-paying, union jobs and transform our infrastructure. Here are just some of the ways the law will change things in Michigan: Welcome to the Biden-Harris White House! Tweets may be archived:
spearb97_ @meaniegives @JuszaGives Happy born day, hope all a good things come to you and be happy Akun random dan akun sambat

svtluvv @lovesmgk ANISATULLLL HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! WISHING U ALL THE GOOD THINGS IN THE WORLD 🥳🥳🥰🥰🥰❤❤❤ Ayok zoom lg gue kangen ☹☹ Bucin Lee Chan & Park Jihoon in every day~

ladd_ernie Winston Salem, NC @MichaelAllen8_ 5 Things to Remember Daily 1 God hears my prayers-1Jn 5:14 2 I am never alone-Mt 28:20 3 What God thinks is important-Amos 4:13 4 I have a future & a hope-Jer 29:11 5 I can do all things through Christ-Phil 4:13 It’s good to remind ourselves of what God says. Believer & Servant of the One True God & His Son, Jesus Christ/Husband/Father/Grandfather/US-Based Christian Missionary with APON/NC State Alum/Football Fanatic

alaminap10 @CryptoTownEU I love the movie and what could be better than having it turned into a game. Thanks for the idea and I'm sure I'm thinking of good things ahead. @GGnanskeyG @eriyanafutri @gandtikasari #spaceshipwar $SPW #BSC I love AP

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