Stalin doubled literacy in the

Stalin doubled literacy in the Soviet Union even as he murdered tens of millions of peopleApologists for dictatorship - Cuba Russia Saudi Arabia - always say they do some bad things and some good things Its a way of making them seem just like us Its utterly wrong

Malinowski Rocky Hill, NJ Stalin doubled literacy in the Soviet Union, even as he murdered tens of millions of people. Apologists for dictatorship - Cuba, Russia, Saudi Arabia - always say "they do some bad things, and some good things." It's a way of making them seem just like us. It's utterly wrong. Diplomat, father, former Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor. Congressman representing New Jersey's 7th district.

BernieSanders Vermont The economy is doing great for Mr. Bloomberg and other billionaires. But for ordinary Americans things are not good: 45 million people have student debt. 34 million are uninsured. 500,000 people are sleeping on the street. We are going to create an economy for all. #DemDebate U.S. Senator from Vermont and candidate for President of the United States.

KyleKulinski New York Comparing the Jewish frontrunner to Nazis (on multiple networks): ✅ Believing in things that are objectively good: ❌ 🌹 Host of The Kyle Kulinski Show | Over half a billion YouTube views | Populist Left 🌹

JordanC63083447 Hate when things are to good to be true 🙃

StalwartsTFC Tamworth NSW Australia Good, hard fought, late win tonight 7-6 over a spirited #SouthBowlo team after letting things slip early Everyone put in tonight but the 3 #GlenTurnerMedal points were shared by @syoung200 and some other nufty #Stalwarts #navyandjade Stalwarts Touch Football Club - Est 2003 'Firm, steadfast and uncompromising' Sponsored by Cellarbrations Tamworth #GT35 #InHonour #LordTed #rocksolid

robertobarlos @Curtis_Cutts Hi mate. Life can be hard sometimes, but remember the good things. you are very lucky to have a beautiful daughter who loves and needs you. And you have that left foot 😊 Things will come good for you I'm sure.

offkilter06 Las Vegas, NV How’s my night? I blew my nose and enough congealed blood came out that I’m legitimately afraid to go to sleep. So yeah. Things are good. Old at being young. Young at being old. Star Trek trash.

FosterChangeUK Darlington, England @RITB_ Surely everyone knows that “Smile, bastards” is a most effective management strategy. If staff ain’t smiling, they need to go chew some raisins and have a good hard think about things. Trainer and activist in mental health and social care, public health and equality. “Quite Challenging”, “Deviant Clutterer”, and “Kind of Normal”. (He/Him)

spagbolshevism Siberia, the place to be. @Alec_Eiffel85 She might actually be Bad, but who can tell when all the criticism of her so far seems to be about things which are actually Good? Love, peace and unity

kinghendry ÜT: -6.167523,106.791292 I like the idea of God. I want to believe that good things happen for a reason and that we're not just a bunch of molecules smashing into each other. さようなら、花泥棒さん I guess I should tell you something about myself. My name is Hendry and I’m passionate about horror film, 中島美嘉 and 秦基博.

Runnin_Unicorn Hell @SpookyAnarchist First time I saw Nikki's picture in this outfit: "WHY CAN'T I HAVE NICE THINGS LIKE THIS THONG FROM ANOTHER WORLD???" My BF, trying to be a good BF: "Well, maybe you can find one at Undiz?" Still laughting tbh. Still wanting new lingerie too. Pony lover, cats master // "There were dragons when I was young..." #i4emploiR

NICoachDK Moscow, Russia @xLupus85x I've heard good things about it too mate. Very pricey. I've been in Berlin twice in the last 4 months and have gotten some practice in. My reading and understanding is definitely better than the speaking. Contributing writer to @UnitedStandMUFC

GreyOumali @TheKiwiOtaku It's cool man we understand. Do what you have to do. Just take good care of yourself and hopefully things will get better for you as soon as possible Gamer, Otaku, likes animals and lewd. Boobyologisit & Bootyologisit 👨‍⚕️👨‍🔬 Feel free to DM me for RPs or something else 😎👍 #OtakusRule #OtakusUnited #NSFW

xXEmmziieeXx Liverpool Clarification, I do think our song is good, I'm just not hopeful as it doesn't really stand out and we can't stage things properly #Eurovision 🎞FILM NERD🎞 BOWIE/SURA/Nole/Eve/Cate/LFC/Alex/LOTR/ER/Cranberries/Laura/Garbage/Shirl/Max/Ewan/Anna/The Davids'/Gillian/PULP/PA/AB/HBC/Eurovision/WhoWood etc

f800gecko Toronto @CKNW @steeletalk Sad because she could have used her voice and privilege to advocate for BC and the CGL people to get their act together and sort things out properly with those they’ve attempted to trample. And that would have been good for her reputation and business. Don’t die ’til you’re dead. - Mississippi John Hurt / Mute all advertisers until Twitter cleans up; against greyhound racing. LGBT friendly.

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