Sen Lee to NPR I

Sen Lee to NPR I literally find it difficult to imagine how my friend Marco Rubio who is smart who listens carefully who cares about these things how he could emerge from that meeting at say that it was good It was terrible It was an unmitigated disaster

burgessev A hallway in the Capitol. Sen. Lee to NPR: "I literally find it difficult to imagine how my friend Marco [Rubio], who is smart, who listens carefully, who cares about these things, how he could emerge from that meeting at say that it was good. It was terrible. It was an unmitigated disaster.” POLITICO congressional reporter. Header by @pennstatetom

Drew_Hammill Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C. Incumbent on reporters to make clear this is trash. @SpeakerPelosi earlier today: "He was a terrible person. Did bad things. But it’s not about how bad they are. It’s about how good we are." Deputy Chief of Staff | @SpeakerPelosi

russellcrowe here and there Want to give a shout out to @KennardsHire . Have a heard a couple of things about how they are helping people out through this difficult time . Particularly a certain Aboriginal community. Great Australian owned company putting their hand up when it counts . Good on you. older than my children, younger than my parents, get the odd job. On Instagram and Facebook as @RussellCrowe . Look for the Blue Tick .

StevoB_ Good morning! 😊 Got a couple things I need to do today but I'm planning to stream this evening. Hope to see you there! Level 29 | British | YouTuber/Twitch Streamer | PlayStation

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leonora_shebrei @TheTweetOfGod You know how you would be an awesome God? By making all good things happen... Just saying 🤷‍♀️

PureFitbaw Scotland @CairtersSMFC Yeah I think he has come on since - still things to work on but he is young enough to improve. I think playing with O'Ware will make a pretty good partnership. The stories, tactics, stats and rumours about football in Scotland and beyond by fans for fans | Podcast: , community & articles

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niallgriffiths Manchester, England Off to Dublin next weekend - was wondering if anyone had suggestions for good places to eat/things to do (aside from the big tourist places). 🇮🇪 Local Democracy Reporter @MENnewsdesk covering Wigan council. Views my own. Got a story? niall.griffiths@reachplc.com 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

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proncypony outside a window @s124_x I know you bust your ass for a living. While I am glad you are strong and healthy enough to do it, I wish it was way easier for you to do! I hope you can get a few more good subs who will give you some help treating you to the finer things in life. don't take me too serious

seasang_ there arent such things as good friends or bad friends - maybe there are just friends. people who stand by you when youre hurt and who help you not feel so lonely. maybe theyre worth being scared for, and hoping for, and living for. though i try to resist, i still want it all

music_radar #Wroclaw ➫▪Vrots-wav➬▫Rock-law @bbc6musiclover oh Kerstin sending you wave of warm greetings to overcome the cold and a lot of hugs 😇👋 I hate when this things happen🥴Bloody undecided customers😒 Hope Friday will recompense and like in piñata there will be floating good,good things all over the weekend🥳💥🌠🎊🎉 ▶Music is My Radar ℹPoland ➼#Wrocław ✌Wroc-Love|♡|♫♪|♏|♻ #6music listener↘

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