Remember how good things were

Remember how good things were under the Trump Administration -Peace in the Middle East-Record low unemployment -Cheaper gas prices-Border secured-Lower crime rates-Brought hostages homeHed never let America look this weak

Jim_Jordan Washington, D.C. Remember how good things were under the Trump Administration? -Peace in the Middle East -Record low unemployment -Cheaper gas prices -Border secured -Lower crime rates -Brought hostages home He’d never let America look this weak. Proudly serving Ohio's beautiful Fourth District. Ranking Member on @JudiciaryGOP. Fighting to #DoWhatWeSaid
atrupar "There's lot of good guys out there ready to do bad things soon" -- an anti-masker goes ballistic at a Board of Commissioners meeting in Ottawa County, Michigan journalist @voxdotcom
hankgreen Missoula, MT IMO, this is an over-reaction caused by lawyers, not indicative of Olivia Rodrigo doing anything wrong. Good 4 U and Misery Business share elements. But if someone using bits of a previously-used chord progression requires a songwriting credit, things are gonna get real messy. I make videos and books and companies.
yoongisaan 20 So the label sees her only as a profit gaining tool and not as an artist?? What if she refuses to renew the contract in future guess that wouldn't do good for 1501😄😄Anyways let's stream harder coz the possibility of the label to make things harder for us is very high. OT7 Together, forever💜
workwithpassion North Carolina, USA A good reminder from my pal @johnbaldoni Apology 101: Make things right via @SmartBrief Speaker, Author, former HR Exec. I help leaders & teams thrive by discovering and leveraging their passions. Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches member.
Maxmcug Kampala, Uganda @GalaxyFMUg Why always good things for Rwanda CEO of HARSH management

how far is it to Oak Forest Illinois UNITED STATES