RT by Monday 1115 for

RT by Monday 1115 for a chance to win this signed copy of the STRANGER THINGS SIX graphic novel from Ill pick one winner and announce next Good luck

MatthewModine Earth RT by Monday, 11/15 for a chance to win this signed copy of the STRANGER THINGS: SIX graphic novel from @DarkHorseComics. I'll pick one winner and announce next #ModineMonday. Good luck! #StrangerThingsDay #StrangerThings4 immigrant. Instagram @matthewmodine We’re constrained by nothing more than ignorance. Question everything. IMDB
markgoldbridge Can people please list the "good things" Ole's done at United? This myth that I fell victim to for two years needs to be called out. Good man manager = worse than Jose. Develops youth = worse than Jose. Good football = worse than Jose. Gets on with Glazers = Yes Not a voice for the fans. Just a fan. Presenter for @UnitedStandMUFC
Serwaa_Amihere Accra, Ghana Pray into your week. Declare good and beautiful things into the week Award-winning News Anchor and Producer with @GHOneTv & @Starr1035Fm
Thejagoffaward Pittsburgh, PA @notWOKEkevin @cprinatlanta @TomiLahren @BuckSexton She said name good things, not the bad. All of these are happening. The reality is, we fight each other while nothing fundamentally changes. The rich get richer and continue to hoard wealth while our MIC continues to profit off perpetual wars. 'Merica! As of 10/23/21 I simply started retweeting the dumbest fucking fucks of Twitter. Fuck both political parties, let's go Stillers!
IndigoDaya Melbourne, Wurundjeri Land @psychepi @ClinpsychLucy @CMHLvic It's got all the good things, with no adverse effects! Child abuse, rape & being silenced sent me mad. Years of forced psychiatry made it worse. My work is truth-telling & art-making. #Survivor #MentalHealth #Trauma
ImKatastrophe Formerly Sweden, now London @BloodBuffyTV Nooo see this is why I felt bad about it, because the many MANY people that genuinely DID send good DMs, would feel this was pointed at them. Yes, we gotta play sometime, sorry I suck at scheduling things lol Community Manager at @RE_Games & @CapcomEurope | @Twitch partner | Resident Evil fanatic | Horror junkie 🎃 | Disabled gamer ♿️ | Cat mom | ♓️ | Views are mine.
szkin_art Olympus Mons LRT: shocked, stunned that assadist genocide deniers do not have good things to say about trans people or vaccines 🇵🇱 | they/them | 21 | I draw stuff and post about robots sometimes. 🎨 Art Only: @szketchbook | ☕
1CraigFisher @SA78871479 @WinstonWeed @CousinCAH @NotoriousLFC Why do so many people need things explaining to them😂can’t possibly say anything against the club you support either😂the depth is shocking and you actually think it’s a good idea they didn’t atleast replace those
YouTubeFitness3 Please SUBSCRIBE to YT channel Better #Teeth and Boosted Moods? Why KISSING Is Good for Your #Health LIKE ▪️ SHARE ▪️ FOLLOW Do it➡ Film it➡ Share it➡ Tweets from individuals who are sincerely passionate about HEALTH🍎 & FITNESS🏋 (@PersonalFitnes3) (@TankyTalks) (@videos2watchNOW)
JackKalala4 Lusaka, Zambia Indeed human beings don't appreciate the good things done for them. Today CK is, through his surrogates, issuing malicious & derogatory statements against Pres. HH7, the man who was there for him (CK) when ECL was persecuting him. Pres. HH offered his shoulder for CK to lean on. I BELIEVE AND TRUST IN GOD! HE IS MY CREATOR, PROTECTOR, DEFENDER & PROVIDER. IN HIM ALONE I PUT MY FAITH AND TRUST.
ryu_cats when Chaeryeong cried at that one fan sign event because a fan said good things about her bi | prolly older than you | itzy ♥️ | grim gry gy | jagi

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