REPORT Liberals demand CNN fire

REPORT Liberals demand CNN fire Obama adviser Van Jones for saying TRUMP DOESNT GET CREDIT for the good things he has done for the black communityCANCELING ONE OF THEIR OWN

ChuckCallesto Florida, USA REPORT: Liberals demand CNN fire Obama adviser Van Jones for saying 'TRUMP DOESN'T GET CREDIT' for the 'good things' he has done for the black community... CANCELING ONE OF THEIR OWN... Father and Former Candidate for Florida's 3rd Congressional District | #FLO3 | Talent Scout | Manager | Looking hard at #2022 | R/T's Not Endorsements |

thesecret You deserve all good things life has to offer. THE OFFICIAL twitter account for The Secret and #TheSecretBookSeries. New movie - The Secret: Dare to Dream July 31 and The Secret Super App FREE download now

DrBilalPhilips There's good in everything, even the things that upset you. You just have to look hard enough. Jamaican Canadian Islamic scholar and author who graduated from the Islamic University of Madeenah and is the founder of the Islamic Online University (IOU).

seinwashere Kantor BPJS @sesamesyrup21 Good for you btw. Daging ayam mentah gitu? Or somethin like sushi things?

quinsneizel DC, BUKIDNON All-day is not the same, you need to wait and be patient for the good things to happen.

PennDragonAU Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Didn't they talk the same garbage in 2016? They don't have to write anything new, just recycle what they said in 2016 like good greenies. ScoMo, it's well past when the ABC should've been recycled & reset & made to experiment reporting things as they are & try telling the truth. Corporate Lawyer from the mining industry with degrees in law and science who is currently completing his first science fiction novel.

morl944 London England Remembering the good times at the Library of things Upper Norwood Hub and the car park was looking
anyasidanny In God's hand @Mawunya_ Our God is good. He made all things beautiful in His time 😋🔥 Man Utd. Fitness Freak. 💪. i speak bitter truth. kindly unfollow if you have a phobia for truth.

slytraining Mangonia Park, FL Don't resist change... The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up & do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. (@ Boynton Beach Station in Boynton Beach, FL) I am a hard working, energetic, and motivated person. I pride myself on having excellent people skills. My enthusiasm and commitment for training...

draquoshalli NC Working harder on things I know I’m good at idk I’m agender atp do not perceive me • 21

vpieters Belgium A Tribute to Stranger Things Logo, Theme, and Artworks Aanalysis of the logo and the bonuses at the end were a good read. Belgian graphic/web designer, author of Veerle's blog and chief of the playground at Duoh! Loves soulful deep house music & riding her bicycle. Vive le vélo!

kanakan81310730 yo Ok fine I never say that I’m a good girl or whatever you want me to be Sorry for disappointing you I hate this place When I can go to the US and get rid of those shitty things :( Stop controlling me son of a bitch I will never ever listen to you:) 這裏很吵 已經說過了# 會吵爆 平均每天至少兩篇廢推的頻率(?? 慎追## 只有幹話 不用擔心

Kosmos_Invest Baltics Yaris GR incoming - this or next week it seems Car will go right into shop to get wrapped and a few other things Wonder if that will be fun to drive. Driven the new Yaris Hybrid last week and that was surprisingly good. Generation X - Immigrant - Sarcastic - Critical

entsenju @Thatchapzapp I’ve heard so many good things about Hades Switch friend code SW-7312-4948-9691 add me! PS4 tag is enty88337

y0njan Nepal Its nice how your life gives you so many good things all of sudden and you are here overwhelmed about it and wondering what to do. But at the end of the day, you are in your bed thinking 'I probably deserved all these' we dont know where we're going but we know where we belong

xBuLT1 some times I think, reminisce of all the things I've done in my life. I ask myself, “Why did I do those things?” Or “Did I have a good life? Was I a good person?” It makes me feel like what I've done in my life wasn’t enough عليك بالبكاء كل شيء هنا يُشبه الموت

danicquinn London, England @tm_maths (I’m not recommending that, by the way! It isn’t good for the rest of life. I never figured out how to get things done both well and on time without those hours. Lots of HODs seem to be the same, so either we are missing a memo or the job is flawed. I don’t teach this year) unfettered enthusiasm for teaching maths. Network Lead for Secondary Maths @ Ark Schools

sniflig i understand sarcasm sometimes but not all the time. sometimes ill take things as not serious bc i think theyre being sarcastic, when they r being serious. im not that good at socializing but thats just bc of my anxiety and adhd lol he/xe/mew + prns in carrd // lesbian // corpsetwt/sleepytwt // don't qrt my art // priv: @snifIig , art only: @snifligart

wesside_illa Chicago•him/his•24 @ungodlyjoon Plss everything is good if it’s made right. Expect those 4 things. Chicago • Beyoncé • CxH • PROTECT BLACK WOMEN. PROTECT BLACK TRANS WOMEN. ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER ✊🏾✊🏾

girishhs Bengaluru, India @vplobo1969 @Pratibh18814251 @Tejasvi_Surya Only you guys got all those things free because you are slaves and good ass one gave anything here for free. If Right is Right then Left is Wrong. That is what they stand for. All wrong things in the universe. They are those who were called Asuras in Ancient India.

dgalan0577 España / Deutschland @davidsirota @HelenCaddes Well things look different inside or outside of contextual bubbles. That's the ex ante ex post phenomenon. Good us leftist don't have this problem, cause we are perfect human beings...which is the reason we do not forgive and particularly never forget. currently: fuck Donald Trump! tweeting against US autocracy generally: Activism-Hockey-Business-Punk-Rocking-Dog-Lover

MysticMayaIsRad Neo Olde Tokyo Number 3! Look after yourself. Set a sleep schedule,watch what you eat,Maybe exercise a little? I find when you’re in a schedule or doing good things for yourself it feels AMAZING! The great Maya Fey is here! Best Friend of Phoenix Wright and NUMBER ONE STEEL SAMURAI FAN IN THE WORLD!!!

bobpvcfun London @PublisherJane Good morning Jane. 🌞. Enjoy your day sweet lady, and just remember if things get tough, listen to some Bowie. His magic cures all, I promise. 👍 Stay safe 😘 18+ Just a guy who likes sexy mature women

kampupi Nairobi, Kenya @KaidouuSama_ Hua nasema good things about him ayam very childish ~ Music ~ #MUFC ~ Timeline Fool

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