Proud to have the support

Proud to have the support of my good friend amp former Sec of State CIA Director amp Congressman Hes seen what it takes to turn things around on the world stage so he knows what type of leader is needed to Save Our State Its an honor to have him on Team Zeldin

leezeldin Shirley, L.I., N.Y. Proud to have the support of my good friend & former Sec of State, CIA Director & Congressman @mikepompeo. He's seen what it takes to turn things around on the world stage so he knows what type of leader is needed to Save Our State. It's an honor to have him on Team Zeldin!🇺🇸 Dad, Husband, Congressman & Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel running for Governor of New York to Save Our State! 🚨 Text LEE to 484848

MohaJichoPevu Nairobi Briefing H.E The Deputy President Hon. William Samoei Ruto on the progress of development of the Economic Blue Print Coast region and the way forward. Good things loading for our region. MP NYALI/ INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST -All views here are my own.

MJSchulman New York, NY RIP Charles Grodin, so good and sly in so many things, but burned in my memory for his unbridled lust for Miss Piggy. Staff writer at The New Yorker. Author of Her Again: Becoming Meryl Streep.
soheekcal she / her / 18 / ugw 99 lbs @bunnybl0od that's not true bunny :( u don't deserve anything bad , u only deserve good things n love carrd byf !!

mHawkinsYodha Delhi, India @pandiripalli2 @saffronKD Ohh u all past dreamers. How good will it be to fight the present situation and stop bullshitting everytime about the things which really didn't happen? Its really not gonna happen that way u garrulous. JUST TRYING TO DO SMTHING GREAT 😯❣️ 👑_DILSE AUR JAANSE SRKIAN👑🤩

kurtconstable Pont-sion-norton @PALillie @rjinhosm @David_Goodhart @GoodwinMJ @epkaufm Books are ideas, hard facts is what we want. Because destruction of industries, less freedoms on all counts, not good things. Try getting out in the real world, books are subjective. Ponty born, Europe bred. Never British. If your into casual racism, anti Welsh bigotry or any other "I am not *****, but", then I am not for you.

_KingKing213 Brisbane Cant believe how many paid actors there are in #RainbowSixSiege ... always nice to do good things, even better when you do it against a stack of mates Literal free casual elo thanks @Weasel_71st @Chilledr6 @Knox_R6 @aussieash91 Brisbane Based Designer and Streamer (well i can try)

drifty_man London, England @Johnathanknt You called yesterday’s $btc drop to 38k, at least 5 days ago, saying things were not looking at all good for Grandpa. One week ago you called the $btc drop to 42k. You also called the $Matic rise 2 wks before. Right so many times on this stuff. Well done bro:) + Thanks Just a guy who makes a few bucks to spend it doing a little good in this world.

Aat0856 Central Scotland @HumzaYousaf He’s also very good at redacting, releasing only what he wants to, and generally hiding things from the public. Yes Justice Secretary a great choice! Oh, where’s that OECD report gone? Walking footballer, gig goer, Leeds United supporter, would be bass guitarist and holidaymaker! Proud Scot but not a nationalist.Need live sport/music.

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