People often ask why bad

People often ask why bad things happen togood people while all thats good goes to the bad ones If you dig deeper youll realize that whatever happens in your life is according to the Almightys plan Itll always work out for you be it in this world or the next Be patient

muftimenk Zimbabwe People often ask why bad things happen to good people while all that’s good goes to the bad ones? If you dig deeper, you’ll realize that whatever happens in your life is according to the Almighty’s plan. It’ll always work out for you, be it in this world or the next. Be patient. Healing the Broken Heart
bhogleharsha Mumbai, India When a player is down is when you have to reach out to him so he emerges stronger. Saying nasty things about Arshdeep does nobody any good. We have all made mistakes under pressure. This is the time to back him. He will win India a lot of matches Blessed. Enjoy till it lasts.
BeardedGenius “The problem is that we have got used to a kind of satire that placates the court. You do nice dissection of the way things are…and you get slapped on the back by the orthodox elite” It’s always a good sign when the ‘orthodox elite’ aren’t impressed Writer. Some charities that need your support: @_bfriend @WoodSt_Mission @Coffee4Craig @SpoonsCharity @tyhafan @JosephsGoal. @projectfootball
chrislh1 Florida, USA Hey, #Democrats in #Florida you better have a look at this “Fidel Castro sympathizer”, be careful who you vote for, things are pretty good here in Florida: #Communist Proud American, (mostly), and Floridian-
urc_radio Chicago, IL - NRD1 - All Good Things Come To An End URC Radio - It's a modern Ukrainian Online Radio in Chicago. The best, fresh, trendy pop, folk, of course, Ukrainian classic and modern and unforgettable hits.
FhayFn @jeidofn no your good good placement and you can learn off it to do better next time keep going dont do bad things @zulpixx || 16
Dioneeeeeeeeh Philippines @awkwardbgturtle Word of advice from a fellow takot sa good things: u can begin by being cautious para kebs lang kahit things go south Budget Petyr Baelish
BeNiceTarot Bay Area, CA Taurus Virgo Capricorn 🤎 Things may have been unfair w/ love. Some of you could be struggling to let go of how a connection ended or feeling as if someone got away with how they hurt you but be mindful of how much energy you keep into teaching someone a lesson. What good ⬇️ Ghetto: innovator, hustler, SURVIVER. 🗡 🏁 🔆☉♊︎ ☾♒︎ ASC♎︎ PayPal/Cashapp: $dreebby23. 18+ ⚠️not a love & light page⚠️ student of life 🇵🇭
diannaeanderson Minneapolis, MN @MediocreJedi <3 Thank you so much! I’m so glad you’re getting good things out of it. Trash panda in human form. Author: IN TRANSIT, an exploration of non-binary identity, out now. Non-binary queer. They/them. Cat parent.
faerytells married dimitri @ mcfódlans 🍟 idk anything about feh gameplay but I'm glad to hear good things are happening for my mans just a hero in the works • ♀🇵🇭🇺🇸, ENG👌🏽/日本語多分OK • occasionally i write and it's embarrassing (aetherae @ ao3, ko-fi) • icon @tenfiends, header @jolychu
cigrttsaftsex_ ran If i'm dating with someone, i want to show it to others😆 and i will make our journals together, then i wrote all things u like and don't like, and our wish too. I love to text u with a good words. I will make some simple gift for u if it's possible<3 #CA - I'm addicted to you || She/her || Not family friendly's Area🚩 || Same owner @cigsexatmid
robinzeggblue Utah, USA @LeslieC83906567 @Timlouk @TanyaBTwin1 @sgellison 2 things can be true at once. Bar auth had a good career before Lamar. The last few years before Lamar were not good. Lamar coming in revitalized the entire organization, so in essence he did save probably a lot of Raven careers, haha DM if you want help with digital 🦶 #ravensflock #birdland
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DudeKeepsItReal @DaveVescio not always. Suffering is an unfortunate necessary evil in life but not every experience leads to positive results or good things BE UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU!! #SmackDown #WWERAW #NXT NO Fakers DMs
audit4fun @angelca78307733 Had your folks followed that path things would be much different and the future more promising. Just using the budget to spend 4% because the law says that clearly leads to no good end.Somehow things have to be done radically different and controlling where your money goes is key

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