One of the hardest things

One of the hardest things must be when everyone out theres getting what you want amp youre waiting for your turn Its a test of your patience Your time will come If its good for you youll get it eventually If not the Almighty will give you whats even better Trust Him

muftimenk Zimbabwe One of the hardest things must be when everyone out there’s getting what you want & you’re waiting for your turn. It’s a test of your patience. Your time will come. If it’s good for you, you’ll get it eventually. If not, the Almighty will give you what’s even better! Trust Him! Mufti Ismail Menk of Zimbabwe.
KameronBennett Good things take time. dj/producer | booking: djkambennett@gmail.com
anthemgame It's not just the sky. BIG things are happening in the world. Good luck, Freelancers. The official Twitter page for Anthem™, from EA's BioWare studio. Follow us to see the latest gameplay videos and trailers. Launches February 22, 2019.
_LukeCSkywalker Ahch-To (please stop saying "gesundheit" to this!) @TransBlackheart It's a mistake to treat these things as if they were a "competition." Some people are bad, some are good. Demonizing either gender only creates division. Good men/women COMPLIMENT instead of compete. When we focus on gender instead of INDIVIDUALS, we do everyone a disservice. Having tired of seemingly-endless logical fallacies from Twitter, I created this account because I can no longer remain silent. My pro acc't doesn't do opinion.
haldrauve And they think korean people should be GRATEFUL that westerners like something about korea 😂 I have some news... Even korean people IN KOREA don’t care much anymore that everyone loves kpop now. Koreans KNOW korean things are good, we‘re not that desperate for outside approval. Hey I'm Hal! All artworks posted here are my own and may not be used, reposted, traced, or edited.
da_real_ephraim Harare, Zimbabwe @PearlThusi @timiretimzzy .we not good..things are not well |•boy with brown eyes and a beard🧔|•my mom's only kid😊😁|•reseacher and tech junkie👨‍💻|•science student👨🏾‍🔬|•choose wisely🤔
TYGR3SS icon by slimgems on tumblr @octolapis you don't believe what i said. or you don't believe i understand or that i have good judgment, and of those three things i don't know which is worse call love by a name other than vengeance.
AaronLinguini Montreal This is a good and, very important, very much appreciated first step. But actions are also very important. I think that, given how things have been handled up until now, it is understandable to still feel a little fearful/apprehensive about the situation.. 🐱👽🌱🍃🍂✨🎨 24 yo trans artist and musician. Founder of Non-profit Let’s Get By Together ✨ ☤ EDS, ASD, and ADHD
stellarsuh #쟈니 #수빈ヾ(^ ^ゞ this year each day of your life will be filled with nothing but love happiness and all the good things my little euphoria my brightest you and your well being is the only thing that matters and the universe willing to do anything to give you the best hey johnny... do you wanna go out on a planetarium date with me? im free on friday and i can hold your hand if you want ヾ(^-^)ノ
TheDawadi Not so much midtable no more. Okay now that I’m over the rage of last night’s match. I’ve a couple of things to say. Roma, at home, after a 7-1 defeat. They gave their all. We were shaky and rusty so a draw is good result for us. The referee was shit. We’ve played Napoli and Roma already and we are 4th.👏 AC Milan | Ricardo Kaká made me fall in love with the beautiful game | Highly opinionated Football lunatic | Geotechnical Engineer
Nitrocitys NJ ✈️ IL I hate being sad but man it sucks just feeling like I’ve done so many good things for myself and others just to still not be happy Brother: @Shawn2Thumbs | U.S. Army |
LPoutziouri Come on Liverpool, let's humiliate Garry Neville, he things he knows everything and everyone knows he knows nothing. If he had a good knowledge about football, he would have been a Football Manager by now.

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