Noa Lang has good chances

Noa Lang has good chances to leave Club Brugge this summer Things are now moving with a host of top league clubs interested in signing him with potential price tag around 2025m Key movements soon - Noa Lang now building his own team of representatives

FabrizioRomano Milano, Italia Noa Lang has good chances to leave Club Brugge this summer. Things are now moving with a host of top league clubs interested in signing him, with potential price tag around €20/25m. 🇳🇱 #transfers Key movements soon - Noa Lang, now building his ‘own team’ of representatives. Here we go! ©

FabrizioRomano Milano, Italia Sassuolo CEO Carnevali confirms Gianluca Scamacca deal: "There's an agreement with West Ham for €36m fee plus €6m add-ons and 10% sell-on clause", tells Corriere dello Sport. 🚨⚒️ #WHUFC "I'm sure he will do great things, he's a huge talent and very good guy". Here we go! ©

RonnyJacksonTX Amarillo, Texas “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.” – Romans 8:28 Congressman for #TX13 | Former White House Physician & Retired Navy Rear Admiral | Texan, Veteran, Physician, Leader

hanbinniepyeon priv can never have the good things only for me I’m so sick of it khb ᕙ(`▿´)ᕗ and my cats sometimes

sir_davoh Nigeria In life, if you will continually receive Favour from men, and have a good relationship with people, you will learn not to abuse privileges! . You will learn not to be entitled. Even though someone has given you access to do certain things, know when to stop! Lead Pastor, Newbreed Christian Community - The Perfecting Church @newbreedccng

ihsetan @erikssondan @SvegotMagnus Good things come to those who wait.

siartono @rendstan It is hard but many good things happening too.... so how about pick up ourselves and stream Melon 🥰

aleksseli In a galaxy far, far away... @alexjkane Goldeneye for me. (truth to be told, bad guy's a tv exec was a darn good idea when we see how things are going right now) Part-time writer, full-time geek | Host "Chill Chat" and write stuff for @PodCulture_ | Love Star Wars, KyoAni & rooibos tea | pp by @AriadneArtist | They/Them

cryptoboykk @bookmakerxyz Big things ahead. I'm truly impressed with the progress @bookmakerxyz has made in such a short period of time. Keep up the good work. @LohitKalita11 @AnkitGohain3 Discord - tomato#7531 #Bitcoin & #Cryptocurrency enthusiast.

PlusErecords May this day bring us all the good things we deserve and want. Amen 🙏 Official twitter handle for PLUSERECORDS. Spot and redefine your hidden talent and musical prowess

DrStarman1 Colorful Colorado, USA baby! (4/12) shading practice! It isn't that good but I am proud of it. Based on many things, like Egyptian, Middle Eastern and Indian towns from Antiquity. Male/20 I'm a crappy doodle focused artist from the United States. I like to draw whatever random thought is on my mind. Lots of dumbass doodles ahead! Beware!

JAREDSPINKNOSE OH J2 she/they The duffer brothers are actually insane for stranger things, like this series ??? Is so good ??? Like one of the best series ever black. bitchy. Jared Padalecki. The Boys. Stranger Things. 27

Osaka_funkman Nishinomiya Here is a new week, Damn Right Show also start again on Mixcloud live. Playing records for soundtracks of your funky good time 2 hours. Mainly vintage funk n’ soul music make you feel relax and want to dance. Keep good things going live and direct from Nishinomiya, Japan. I'm a funk DJ in Osaka, and the voice of FABULOUS VIBRATIONS. Photography. I do the show on Mixcloud live Monday to Thursday titled Damn Right Show.

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zoeialyn ˚.• fan account ‧₊⋆ all good things would happend to you soon mklee, like literally ALL GOOD THINGS. loving haechan as much i loving donghyuck lee

SourGummyGurlz Texas, USA making good things out of bad situations Watch it all in real time ! She/Her

badbakunawa @FejFCB @feministabis @WhiteWalter2008 @finaIspace What the fuck that interaction was so aggressive on their end lol. Anyway you’re right, sokka isn’t an idiot given that he’s good with planning things out for the group AND not to mention he gets praised by his dad for being a good leader. He has his dumb moments like drinking the speech impediment that i have is i don't shut the fuck upism || icon:

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