Melania Trump among many other

Melania Trump among many other things is a powerful role model for a good and loving mother as well as a very active and successful working woman as our First Lady

RudyGiuliani New York, NY Melania Trump, among many other things, is a powerful role model for a good and loving mother as well as a very active and successful working woman as our First Lady. Listen to the Common Sense podcast through the link below. 🇺🇸

AndrewYang USA If you want good things to happen before November @RobbieForChange and @AlexBMorse are on the ballot in MA this Tuesday - and if they win they head straight to Congress. Let’s help them win! 2020 US Presidential Candidate (D). Entrepreneur & Founder of @humanityforward My book: Join the movement:
thesecret Look around you and appreciate the good things here and now. Seek the beautiful things and count the blessings of where you are. THE OFFICIAL twitter account for The Secret and #TheSecretBookSeries. New movie - The Secret: Dare to Dream July 31 and The Secret Super App FREE download now

Dmnsrage @otaku_F3 @TheElderStunt @OuthouseAmy @ChrisRGun Wait you think the RNC was good? Or that they didn't lie their ass off the whole time? "ONLY TRUMP CAN STOP THE THINGS THAT ARE HAPPENING UNDER TRUMPS WATCH RIGHT NOW!!!! THE DEMS WILL KILL YOUR CHILDREN AND MAKE YOU LOVE FOREIGNERS AAAAHHHHH!!!! I'M NOT ON COCAINE!!!!! God's battle axe. Weapon of war

meritnation India Whenever you feel like you are angry or sad or unhappy or lost, try and think about all the good things in your life, they will definitely outweigh all the negative emotions. #Meritnation #MondayMotivation #Quoteoftheday We make studies fun & school easy! Follow us to receive inspiring content, latest education news & cool contests

maetl Ōtautahi (Christchurch, NZ) But all of this assumes several very important things: • There’s a clear context and purpose to this research • Customers are engaging with you in (reasonably) good faith because you have the capacity/capability to help them • Customers are gonna pay you when you deliver Software architecture and storytelling. Social impacts of tech. Bringing generative writing, interactive fiction, symbolic AI and simulacra to life. He/him.

Fanatic87Zombie R kellys basement @DarkOblivionzz @TheGamingRevo5 @v32finish @MrTLexify Bo2 is better idk when we started claiming mediocre or just good things the best Maybe you like Bo3 more because of maps that's all cool But When it all comes down to gamplay Bo2 is infinitely better Unless you are new to zombies a causal or some one who likes it all still waiting for Dead island 2....

TheePhenomenal1 @gunswatnew I did try it before but wasn’t really a fan tbh with you I’ve heard good things but couldn’t vibe with it sadly British boy - Burrito Lover -Variety streamer - 🐈 Dad - Proud member of @UniekGaming

Klawykser Norway @SagirKhan_ ...as far as meaningfulness and artistry goes (Though still, marketability will inevitable place some artistic limit on these things, no matter how good artists the devs are), or even on par with Planescape or Disco Elysium, and if you think so, more power to you ig. Left-wing free market person. Skeptic, non-cognitivist. I like video games and fantasy books.

SemFex @FexSum FaCtor!... ;) Ain't nothing around like a good show to spark enthusiasm, but unfortunately we are all biased and favour the realest things we think we need. That is a result of loss of OUR sovereignty, unfortunately! @SemFex0. Truth Is Harder than Fiction to Prove but It *Blesses* Those who BeLieve! Sarcasm IncLusive. *'Unknown' Law~Yah*. SumTimes~Kink!

2020_TrashBin Seattle, WA @kingofpancakes @realDonaldTrump It’s all good. I don’t take things personally here. #fbr #resist #biden2020 #bluenomatterwho #autism #bluewave #LGBTQ #specialneeds

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