Kathleen a Democrat in California

Kathleen a Democrat in California says it is outrageous that Democrats refused to applaud when President Trump talked about good things for America in the They looked like they hated our countryOur Democratic Party has been stolen from us by a bunch of communists

TrumpWarRoom MAGA Country Kathleen, a Democrat in California, says it is "outrageous" that Democrats refused to applaud when President Trump talked about good things for America in the #SOTU. "They looked like they hated our country...Our Democratic Party has been stolen from us by a bunch of communists" Highlighting @realDonaldTrump's #PromisesKept, fighting #FakeNews. This account punches back 10x harder. Managed by the #TeamTrump 2020 campaign. #MAGA
amyklobuchar When I am in the White House, I will take responsibility for my job instead of passing it on. I will reach across the aisle and work in good faith to get things done for the American people. I will bring this country together instead of pushing it apart. U.S. Senator from Minnesota and candidate for President. Text AMY to 91990 to join our homegrown campaign.
marc_lotter Washington, DC Last night the American people saw Nancy Pelosi tear up our country's success, and the Democrat party sit on their hands and not join @realDonaldTrump celebrating the good things happening in our country. Democrats are DIVORCED FROM REALITY! Director of Strategic Communications for @realDonaldTrump 2020 Campaign. Fmr Special Assistant to President & Press Sec to VP @mike_pence. #MAGA. 🇺🇸
ChadTheWolf @SadSamyOtt You can be good at other things besides art I'm just a simple Wolf doing his best to be positive and supportive towards others. I love video games to hecking death! retweets alot of stuff. am 20
ONEITEXOL EXOPLANET #DearYohan To be Kim Yohan itsnt easy right ? Not many people will have feel stronger and not blame self. But for Kim Yohan you alwys be Kim Yohan who stronger, happy virus, and spread good things @x1official101 @OUI_ent #요한아_들린다면_당근을_흔들어줘 - tukang galonnya chonamgyul family - kedai mi ayam bakso langganan X1, pop ice stroberi kesukaan Kim Yo Han - komplek perumahan bapak Han dan Bapak Suho 🤟
AHMrsSchwartz “The school year with you has been good because when my parents were getting a divorce, you helped me with my anger. One of my favorite things that you do is help people with their problems and make them feel better about themselves.” Dylan @ArborHillsJH
Nebiwnl Kids really do be starting beef over things that happend a month ago and was made good. Thirsty for impressions lmao 15 🇳🇱 ~ [@fncompetitive]
frogfangire rey | they | 21 | white @kiirengokoro OHHHHH that narrows things down a lot. im stumped nonetheless tho good luck ricky hedorah fan ✨@memesupporter✨ icon by @puppylovemh🌸
MichaelHWood Sheffield, England @rmorganbentley Me neither. I’m getting excited now. I’ll be buying The Wreckage next time I’m in a Waterstones. Looking forward to it. I’ve heard good things. Author of the #Sheffield set DCI Matilda Darke series Book 5: THE MURDER HOUSE (Jan 2020). Pub'd @KillerReads @HarperCollins
EMiLY5000Online I’d like to make a public statement regarding a person with the name of Qikr, no i am not qikr and if they tell you i am them it isnt true. I do not know why someone is impersonating me but I’ve heard some bad things are coming out of it so stay alert! Thx have a good night boat
LouisRedux Greater Proto-Fascistia (UK) @sallylepage Out of curiosity, if that was a really good drawing of tadpoles would you have merely muted him? I ask to clarify things for all Internet Mansplainers... ...wait... ...I'm helping the wrong people again aren't I? DAMMIT! I blame the tadpoles. Or the drawing pins. Organic chemist, scientist of more than one field, no longer very nice, bipolar, whatever. This isn't me, I'm elsewhere. Seriousness often delivered via humour.
HarrietSue2 Pennsylvania, USA Only ONE Republican had courage & took their oath of office honorably. Our country has slid down into a avalanche of corruption and autocracy . Bad times when the President boldly lies and his party backs him up. Good thing is we can vote them out and turn things around mom, grandma, publisher of healthcare magazine, advertising director, spec need children's advoc animal adopt. rescue advo, xrealtor. retired loves social media
LindaMac1 Beckenham UK There are many ridiculous things about school uniform. But saving time in deciding what to wear and keeping the fashionistas partially in check is surely a good thing. Author, former psychology teacher; Cumbrian exile; lover of wild things; food, environment, theatre; sometime artist, jewellery maker, knitter of scarves ...
konicblackwell Neverland I won't even get stressed if they don't achieved good chart. I'm just happy bc they are knowing things what they do now BIG FAT MOODY PERSON | enjoy random topic pp: ©owner
Adetwice1 Rivers, Nigeria @DuchessT_ Good things ARE NOT cheep I know but tbe sincere truth is. I LIKE YOU Kind of person you need to communicate to anytime anywhere anyhow you need to talk. Just that simple guy
meggyq2000 Good things take time Biology, ISA 🦋 ; Montijo // 19y ♌
bibisuraya malaysia I realized something good today that im actually okay and feeling good now. So let's move on to next things in life 🙌🏻 doploh empat

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