Its awesome when good things

Its awesome when good things happen to good people but its even better when good things happen to great people

FightOwensFight Almost there It’s awesome when good things happen to good people but it’s even better when good things happen to great people. Husband. Father. Son. Wrestler. Dude. Human. Penguin. Spaghetti.
Disney The most fantastical, magical things can happen and it all starts with a good book! 📚 Disney magic right at your fingertips! ✨
PIBFactCheck New Delhi Pay Rs 12,500 and get Rs 4 crores 62 lakhs in return‼️ Well, some things are just too good to be true. Fraudsters impersonate Government organisations to dupe people of money. Do not fall for such #FAKE approval letters or schemes in the name of @RBI #PIBFactCheck Countering misinformation on Govt. policies/schemes. Suspect a Govt. related news to be fake? Send it to us at +918799711259/socialmedia@pib.gov.in
Dergvalley1 Dundee, Scotland @Tara61711 @CameronMcNeish @theSNP Also it would be good if they spelled out the economics of how things will be funded so the vote is not a repeat of the brexit shambles vote broad minded
Envez_ Norway @smushe1 Yeah I know. But the people on here don't think twice about things they tweet. A Pokemon game can never be good enough in the eyes of Twitter users. They always find stuff to complain about. Personally I don't want anything above gen 4 in these remakes. 18 | Envez#9835
NathanaelBenson @michaelhowe9 Nah because it’s one of those things where the meaning has changed. Like ‘social justice warrior’. Maybe it used to be good to be woke but it isn’t any more because the definition is different
bZxHQ Blockchain @johndeer949 @StephenCurry30 Practice patience, my friend. When the day comes, you will understand that good things take time. Trade & Lend on Borrow on
mohantypr @Sachinnfacts Sahi hai ...This is good my friend ... Exploiting "Barnum Effect" Astrology where we say things in way which are 100% true for 90% of the population . #Psychology I m suffering from PCD ( Perpetually Curious Disorder ) | Here to Learn & Share | Autophile | Bibliophile | Clinophile | Logophile

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