It has been my greatest

It has been my greatest honour to represent my country and my state Karnataka However all good things must come to an end and with a grateful heart I have decided to retire from all forms of Indian cricketThank you all

robbieuthappa It has been my greatest honour to represent my country and my state, Karnataka. However, all good things must come to an end, and with a grateful heart, I have decided to retire from all forms of Indian cricket. Thank you all ❤️ DREAMER, BELIEVER, FATHER. Insta: robinaiyudauthappa.

SenWhitehouse Rhode Island The Inflation Reduction Act is going to lower energy & health care costs while expanding green jobs and starting us on the path to climate safety. Today, I was with President Biden as he signed it into law. Good things ahead. U.S. Senator from Rhode Island, the Ocean State.

ChrisJack_Getty London and around the World I loved this moment in 2015 when the knife got stuck in the cake at the @WomensInstitute 100 year celebrations. Maybe The Queen quite enjoyed it when things didn’t go exactly go to plan on Royal engagements, she had too good a sense of humour not to appreciate these moments! Getty Images Award Winning Royal Photographer | Author:Modern Monarchy / Views are my own | My Second Book ‘ELIZABETH - A Queen for Our Time’ is available 👇🏻

Kathys_song Oklahoma Heartland You know, I see what you say & most of it is good, but sometimes you're not such a "wise chimp"...If you don't expect the good things that you are manifesting to happen, how in the hell do you expect them to happen? What just fucking fall outta of tree into your lap or some shit? DIff between me & you is I know I am God living thru me to experience imperfection. Here to teach U R 2, if not here to learn fuck off. No energy freeloaders.

oOViperDriverOo Atlantic Beach, FL Keep an eye out!! Good things are coming👀 #GroveToken #GroveArmy #GroveExpo Sr. Reddit Moderator for Grove Token.Always be available to people in need. Trust is everything. 2x Disney Marathon runner. 26.2!!

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whoisviclowrey Las Vegas, NV @Themaddiemoore Things will get better and always remember we all go through good and bad seasons. But the bad doesn't last forever DELETED AT 39K 😑 For bookings: Vic.lowrey@yahoo.com *Porn/Fitness Enthusiast *Fitness Competitor *Lover of Sexy Women: Cis or Trans *Avg Dick Advocate

Hossanity Sh*t Talk Hall of Fame @vrpancho @DonkeyDisorder @Success_mp4 @Prickly_Wild @scrowder Or you could comment on why not knowing how to do those things or how to use your weapon appropriately prior to purchase is a good thing and helps keep you safe. 3x Sh*t Talk State Championship semi-finalist, 1x champion, reliving my glory days. Also fantasy football, and I'll drop a weather report on ya at any time.

thornthroat he/she 19 white @pannilovie move on and do good things as quickly as possible. Her other dad took on the burden of being the leader of Cephas and will stay in the position until she's ready to take it (which she's TERRIFIED of.) Bro your titties were in my mouth not even 48 hours ago please reply ✨ gay ⚣ + disabled + gnc man 🏳️‍⚧️ ♥️@autistichuuya's dragonboy and personal tormentor

Student75919598 Your sprinkle of motivation is to realize that good things come to those who work hard for it!

BladeFox2 Maryland, USA @hazel_sunfl0wer honestly exercising helps a lot with mental health. I remember last year my mental was shit, but I started exercising and honestly, it's really good now. I'm sure there were other things involved, but it definitely helped. Competitive SSBM Fox // Former SSBU Joker // Sonic enjoyer // He/They // Follow for more bangers

ar 58, Icon: tuki_zawa @albaedoluvr The emojis are easy :”🤭🫵🏻” and, the first impression: you seemed kinda shy? And you still are 😭 but I’ve always seen you like an outgoing person who is good with talking with people. Course now u my fav, we share so much things and there’s a lot of things I- genshit: mw: @aratakicore 19, she/her

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astros_bot Moon Square Saturn starts at Sep 14, 2022 05:29PM PST Moon Square Saturn - Patience is a virtue right now. Otherwise you might succumb to feelings of frustration and sadness. All good things come to those who wait. #astrology #transit #astrologybot #astrosagas I'm an astrology transit bot based off google calendar created by nancyschorr@gmail.com

sayer_of_stuff USA @gtreanto @FruitMunching @JoshuaPotash @flexghost1 Look, I've been wrong about things. Like I said, I grew up believing that the cops were basically good and always protected people. It wasn't a pleasant experiance to realize I'd been wrong, but it's better than the alternative. Reality-based left-centrist and drunk state song aficionado Follow /= Endorsement Genderfluid/non-conforming (?) - any pronouns - still figuring this out

Feral_Cripple oooo i guess the biphobic bi didn’t like it being pointed out that praising bigotry for accidentally resulting in good things is bad ink/feral, it/its | genderfluid omnigay | intersex transmasc & transfemme | fountain pen nerd | #PwME, #hEDS, #POTS, many others | main is @Ibushi_Hanyuism

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