If youre mad about Trumps

If youre mad about Trumps tax returns and conflicts of interest representatives serving on corporate boards partisan gerrymandering good news HR 1 has a fix for all of those things The Senate needs to pass it

CREWcrew Washington, D.C. If you’re mad about Trump’s tax returns and conflicts of interest, representatives serving on corporate boards, partisan gerrymandering: good news. HR 1 has a fix for all of those things. The Senate needs to pass it. CREW uses high-impact legal actions to target government officials who sacrifice the common good to special interests.
Paula_White Orlando, FL Good things are coming to you... Blessing, favor, gifts and all of heavens best! I love the Lord - He is my strength!
kirstiealley Hollywood Well I guess many of us just disagree and don’t think he inherited bad anything. He’s undoing every good accomplishment .. but that’s my opinion based on observation ..we all have our own takes on things Mother, actress, Lover of CAPS, lemurs and off color language, host of "KIRSTIE ALLEY On The Verge"
PandaMan1440 I wish I never would have met some of the people I did. I wish I could go back and do things different. I wish I was put in a better position. I still don't understand why all this has happened and keeps happening to me when I've done nothing but try my hardest to be and do good. this is a burner account. not my main.
_idowuo London, England @MayowaQuadri_ Looooool love bro, got to see the funny side of things. I'm not going to come on here and talk like an expert when I have a lot more research to do on the ramifications of it all but one thing I can do is post a good meme 😂😂 God is great. - @thervndownpod - @idthejourno - @wearebcoms alumni
Confucison If you know, that are the good things works. Confucius bot that randomly generates a wise Confucius saying || Are you able to decipher what he means? Reply with your translation of his wise sayings!
its_johnmartin Bristol, England @philiparrogers @Eddystone506 The notion of "unmandated" compromise is ridiculous. Politics has compromise running through it like a stick of rock. It's the very essence of good politics. Things go wrong when a system delivers an 80 seat majority, and no need to compromise. 🇬🇧🇪🇺#FBPE The EU has brought peace, freedom and opportunity. Future generations deserve no less. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦+🐶Retired👨‍🚒
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mkhan185 Dubai, United Arab Emirates @OfficielKaybaye Bayern have done some good things in the past with subsidising tickets etc, but they’re in the fortunate position to be a Bundasliga powerhouse. Easy to do good when you’re king of the castle 😄 From Berks 🇬🇧 | Live in Dubai 🇦🇪 | Mainly tweet about #NUFC ⚽️ | Like Analytics & Data Vis 📊📉 | @lborouniversity alumni | Run with #AdidasRunners 🏃🏽‍♂️
ajeetkumarsen @ColSanjayPande He is a very capable man. He did not get due credit for all the good things he envisioned and implemented as PM
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tinzlily Zimbabwe Uyazi, we are going through the most out there and sometimes exposing the things we go through is not the same as dealing, making peace with or moving past them. Have a good day. Winter is here. Keeping it 💯...living loving life. Hope springs eternal. INFJ. My mind and thought process are a maze. You're not obligated to not figure it out
ayatalshir Tel Aviv @claresiobhan I know it's a long shot but maybe at some point the "sharing is caring" NAP was active and sims took things from the hospital so now it's not functional anymore and therefore causing problems? It happened to me with the UBrite Commons lot Anyway good luck💗 Artist 🎨 Gamer 👾 Eurovision Enthusiast 🇪🇺
RamonaAlksne Bristol, England GOOD MORNING YOU BEAUTIFUL NERDS! What's on everyone's agenda today? What wonderful things are you making? I'm off to do the post office run and then will do some drawing 😊 Lettering artist, purveyor of shiny things & a newbie DM 🎲 She/her
pjasmineqt18 Good things come to those who wait Life is hard. It’s harder if you’re stupid. IG:prncssjmn18
nikoteen_spirit @fear_fachnan 🎆: LOL I’m glad I never come across Niko in my dreams, I doubt they would have a lot of good things to say to me rp account | Thrill-seeking exchange student | 24 | Corvid given human form | Likes are OOC | #omrpnsfw
_A_r_v_i_n_d_ Goa @thinkingSol @starrytalks Someone asked @starrytalks how she comes up with such good things... She's like: Welcome to my profile 🙏🏽. Follow if you like or head down to the TL for further processing👇🏽 My little theater for the absurd so don't complain! #Goa
irishoner702 Las Vegas, NV @GeorgeTakei Totally agree. Until the good ones start to stand up against the bad. Things will never change veteran, father, grandfather, brother, son, victim of immigration marriage fraud, sexual assault, mental and emotional abuse from ex spouse Viviane
mithaldu Mönchengladbach, Germany Knowing that @eldritchmother is much more of an adult in explaining these things, i asked her and she gave it a good try but instead of even considering evidence @AntifascistF12 refused to even hear any of it. I fix other people's Perl, lift heavy things and bike a lot. Honorary furry? #catcrew nb/any/all - Blocks don't mean i hate you, they're a test.
Nickyh_yiddo Essex @talkSPORT @Mrjamieohara1 Jamie just says things so rival fans don’t berate him as much, no doubt it! He goes the other way, just so they say oh good old Jamie! follow my work account @nickboy and for any further information message me or email me!!!
markswan52 Wiltshire Wow! That is a really good example of #solidarity and #MutualAid in action. I trust things are better for you now. Radical Social Work academic (ret.). National steering group of SWAN. Guitarist, singer-songwriter and Deadhead. Old anarchist hippy. And Saints supporter......
kcpods Kim Hee Chul as Idol, promoting his persona and always told his fans to love themselves and put more energy for themselves and love Kim Hee Chul moderate is a good things. Ofcourse, not all the fans gonna walk in that way, prolly like 70-80%. Especially the mature one. Kpop Enthusiast.

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