If we only listened to

If we only listened to mainstream media wed think this was a world of angry looters fighting angry racists In reality we live in a world full of good people doing good things Thats just not good for their ratings

BurgessOwens Utah, USA If we only listened to mainstream media, we'd think this was a world of angry looters, fighting angry racists. In reality we live in a world full of good people doing good things. That's just not good for their ratings. Candidate for Congress #UT04 Super Bowl XV Champion
BillKristol Good news: Biden has a clear lead. If it holds it will be hard for Trump to contest the results. Bad news: Biden has a clear lead. So Trump will be inclined to abuse executive powers, run a wildly demagogic campaign, and do irresponsible things abroad over the next few months. Director, Host, Never Trump.
ddale8 Washington DC Trump says he has great respect for scientists, and "they've come up with the AIDS vaccine...or the AIDS -- as you know, there are various things -- and now various companies are involved -- but the therapeutic for AIDS." (There is no AIDS vaccine, yes good therapeutics.) Reporter for CNN, fact-checking the president and other politicians.
cummins_kay Missoula, MT @iharshdeep @bigbettyblack45 As in all things there are good and bad. My ability to see that all is not as it seems, or is all we've been told!
NBLpocketpod @The_Unsportsmen Good point. Nope just talking shite about the Newcastle part of things. The NBL in your pocket! New episodes weekly NBLPP Hotline: 0499 396 818 Email: nblpocketpodcast@gmail.com
BackupGrumpy Republic of Wadiya and also pissed off at essentially hippies who are always upset at things like "labels" We live in a world where language has meaning and there's a damn good reason why we have categories for everything. Conservative, libertarian, democrat, leftist, tankie, far-right, alt-left Backup for my main @spirited_sweet which twitter says is gone forever after being hacked & the email was changed. Latina. Ashkenazi-Sephardic, Native American
LolitaB72760065 @mpollandsr I’d rather go into battle with 5 good soldiers than 💯 posers. If ppl will only listen when things are pleasant to their ears, that says much about the person. I would like to live life seeing through rose colored glasses, even when they have smudges, I would like believe that I love God enough to always see good.
pinksoo_x 🇵🇭 On the other hand, Lisa likes trying new things and she's good at it. She can rock almost any outfit she tries on. I mean, if she's happy with what she's doing, then let her be; unless she's stepping on somebody. Support OT4. (@ygofficialblink) 24/365 오직 너와 같이 하고파
Fgh22Gill @LanceForman @MarcusRashford Footballers already do pay for kids school meals by paying tax on their earnings, which somehow seems to be being used for other things. Wouldn't it be good if everyone paid their taxes? "The fact that we are here & that I speak these words is an attempt to break that silence & bridge some of those differences between us" Audre Lorde🌹RTx=agree
Venus_Papi Tangina why can't I have good things?? Lahat nalang kinukuha saken wtf
Colin_Paterson_ Central Quay, Glasgow @GeniusIWas @MarcusRashford Present U-turns and defeats as good decision-making and victories. Tell people what they want to hear but act according to your own strategy and policy. Lie about silly things because it paves the way for lies about the big things not having consequences. That is this government. Editor at @KillieStandard and matchday football reporter for @Record_Sport and @Sunday_Mail. Doonhamer. @OfficialQosFC and @49ers fan. Views are my own.
MomodoulaminJ20 Life is a test it will throw many things on your way pick the good ones up and let go the bad ones Mamadou Event organizer,Ambassador of Islam,humble,ALLAH fearing,Muslim,AfRiCaN, politically active love wins always💯
DaBear28Gaming @Randumb I love it. It feels better than ever like it’s so smooth and there uncalled things back. The grappler is now 10x better for rotations. The drum gun didn’t feel as good tho. I’ve only really been to Salty and Plesant but this season could be a turning point for the good for them Content Creator. Meowscles Army 🐱. Grinding for 1K. Trying to get into #rTUp
shill_globalist Wellington City, New Zealand @Imperial_Eagle2 If Shego is the only good thing in the world and Shego is a product of entities that are not Shego, does it not logically follow that entirely bad things can create good things? Thus it is entirely possible for new good things to be created I have good takes