I wasnt president Obamas biggest

I wasnt president Obamas biggest fan but he is a good man and he did not do those things

GenMhayden Virginia I wasn’t president Obama’s biggest fan but he is a good man and he did not do those things. Official account of General Michael Hayden. Principal @chertoffgroup, former Director of CIA & NSA, author, husband, father & avid reader of @thecipherbrief
poetastrologers The Universe Week of 6/21 in Cancer: You are planning for many things. The water is light and almost airy with blue. Draw in circles something you can’t wait for. You will have luck and many good friends. Astrology by poets @DorotheaLasky & @alexdimitrov. Our book Astro Poets: Your Guides to the Zodiac is out now. Contact: astropoets@gmail.com
ebruenig can't get on board with this, sorry. Every Christian culture has depicted Jesus, Mary and the apostles as looking like them -- thus gorgeous icons from Ethiopia differing from Coptic icons created in Northern Africa. This is one of the *good* things about the Church. Christian. Mama. Bird enjoyer. Definitely kidding. Opinion writer at @nytimes. News tips: elizabeth.bruenig@gmail.com. Also on signal.

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