I love new months I

I love new months I see them as an opportunity to reflect grow trim things out of my life that arent needed and discover more about myself The good amp bad

AlissaAshley Los Angeles, CA I love new months. I see them as an opportunity to reflect, grow, trim things out of my life that aren’t needed, and discover more about myself. The good & bad
HarshBisaria Bareilly, India It's constitutional right of children to get proper education if teachers are not available in school who will teach children in proper way & guide their life to be a good citizen of india & which things are right or wrong #बदहाल_माध्यमिक_शिक्षा_बिहार #BSTET19_RESULT_AND_JOINING रामो विग्रहवान् धर्मः। Chemical Engineer | National In-Charge Social Media @nsui | Social & Political Activist | Tweets are my personal view
joulee Bay Area, CA Good execution vs. bad execution, in 10 tweets: Bad execution: Pick two—time, quality, or cost. Good execution: Thoughtfully choosing the scope such that things are built on time, on budget, and at a high level of quality. 1/10 Building Sundial. Angel investor. Former design VP @ FB. Author of "The Making of a Manager" I love people, products and words.
ANN2176734925 “Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive good things and good people will be drawn to you.” -Mary Lou Retton ASHTAN SavesItOnKumu #AshTan #ASHTAN🧡 #NEVER GIVE UP💪
AleksanderMell1 Karmøy, Norge @WineOperator I don’t know how too feel 😔 Sorry to hear that, never a good feeling to find out sich things 😔 Spill Mat Humor Musikk Spillnyheter Kjendis-gamere Teknologiarbeidere og -reportere
sethzenz Mile End, London @BasicScienceSav Most people most of the time. The good news is that I've now learned to fail at a lot of things at once! They call me Dr Zenz. Lecturer in particle physics at @QMUL. Married to @CuratorPolly.
meredith_walsh Suffolk Good things 2: in the last week there has been a bit more discussion among friends about how coming out of lockdown triggers anxiety and how we manage it. It’s a lovely, companionable thing. Home educating and gardening. Finding paths through fields, woods, salt marshes, time, food history, textiles, land rights, neurodiversity and books.
grantmac12 @shylaheal1 Good on you kid. Resilient and positive, those qualities are just two things that will take you where you want to go. Hawthorn supporter, representative AFL and basketball coach. Love of AFL, basketball, triathlons, good red wine and the punt (not to excess!)
donngdlp Iloilo City, Western Visayas Cheers to a prosperous new month, Martin! @mart_drosario ❤️ Excited for all the good things in store for you! ☺️Stay on course!⚡️⚡️⚡️ #PrinceZardoz #VoltesVLegacy 🔥 for Martin Del Rosario 😈 #PrinceZardoz #VoltesVLegacy soon on GMA!
Pens_n_Pixels Sheffield, UK @DoubleDubbel These are... good things, yes? (I love Meat Boy anyway, so I'll take it) <3 Physical media dinosaur scribbles ink onto dead tree and makes videogames from that; sometimes instead pushing pixels, always keeping it classic. they/them
Cecilia97N Pearl of Africa @kadobamosesUG @eladuemmanuel3 @CallMeKwezi Moses You really wish me good things 😊 Entrepreneur|Sales Personel. Spread love not hate. God above All.
Tommy_A7 Perth Add Luke Shuey Duggan Gov...... Carlton are good things EP Sport @TripleMPerth / Horse Racing / Powerless over nuffies.
springlocke i have to stay with someone so jaded because if i don't, i am the reason that he's going to die. it all falls on me. do the good and wait for things to get better. bot for quotes jude @aftonshell likes. posts every half hour. feel free to ask for sources in replies!
lase_07 Abuja, Nigeria Even when life is tough, the things in life that are really worth having are the things that money can’t buy: purposeful friendship, the love of family, and good health. Let’s decide to have a godly mindset and to thank the Lord for the good things we have. I chronicle 16:8 #CivilEngr. #GeospatialAnalyst. #BusinessAnalyst. ▫️B.Eng. ▫️P.Msc #ManchesterUnited
nalakiara Lincolnshire @TheStourbridge Good morning George.Yes little things can make such a difference. x Happy wife,mum,and proud cats and Kiara passed 🌈24/2/2021
chopper1066 England, United Kingdom @sophielouisecc Good for you. I’m sure I’m not alone in expecting great things from you in the future Conservative, unionist, liberal and former remainer , but have since seen the light. Dad and golfer living in the lovely Chilterns
Olszewski_R London Things you didn’t know about The Good Food Guide: founded in 1951 by socialist to promote good food and wine for all, closed last week by Waitrose to save money. A brilliantly informative piece by @martinkettle, well worth a read. 👇 Recovering Europhile. Former special adviser. Camden councillor: Cabinet member for finance and transformation (see @Richard4FG). Ever-hopeful Celtic fan.