I knew that those group

I knew that those group of guys would win bc good things happen to good people Thats why I got 2 championships and Utah got none

VernonMaxwell11 Charlotte, N.C. I knew that those group of guys would win bc good things happen to good people. That’s why I got 2 championships and Utah got none. 2 time NBA world champion. Gainesville Florida - Houston Texas -Charlotte North Carolina. Order MAD MAX jerseys at VernonMadMax@gmail.com

CW_TheFlash Central City All good things are worth fighting for. The season finale of #TheFlash airs tonight at 8/7c. Stream free tomorrow only on The CW. Airs Tuesdays 8/7c Stream next day free only on The CW! *We welcome civil discussion. Hate speech will be removed/blocked.removed/blocked.

BreeNewsome North Carolina, USA Conclusion: tax the billionaire class out of existence because their wealth is the result of systemic injustice & we shouldn’t have to rely on their goodwill or good judgment to afford the things we need artist - grassroots organizer - free black woman - scaled 30ft flagpole & removed sc confederate flag in protest on june 27, 2015 - Psalm 27

Elsewine Work with me: Aww. So good to hear! And this is so true - people will tell you all kinds of stuff. Especially people who don't go out and do things themselves, like make videos, start a business or write a book. Keep it real Be you And rock this space! Check my book: Helps professionals attract more clients with engaging videos | Writes book: Get Comfortable on Camera! | Natural Charisma - Mountains - Chocolate - Cats

siazubuike Lagos, Nigeria. the right people, you'll make it. Making it doesn't mean you must become a billionaire. Making it means that ultimately, you'll hardly ever lack. You'll live and lead the good life. You'll afford the good things of life to a commendable degree. This should be your creed. I'm a #Lawyer who delivers innovative legal solutions & insights. Partner, @infusionlawyers. #Barcelona ❤️💙

jelIygf I ♡ Dreamnote Curly sunu it was fun while it lasted😞💔 all good things come to an end youth dont last long

dreams_toenail (they/them) , minor @camboosaysstuff that's always good bc I usually do things wall watching streams :] 🏳️‍🌈 bad to be frank, quackity just had the better price

ThisIsYACARE Here’s to a wonderful Wednesday! Remember all the good things in your life! 🌻☀️💚🌈 #PositiveMind #SelfCare #LoveYourself Yarborough Academy CARE Team 🧠💖Creating Attachment Relationships in Education🧘🏾‍♂️Feed by Miss B (emotional wellbeingTA) & @TheNurtureLady #ThisIsYA #YACare

CandaceCarrolly NY,USA We enjoyed hosting FREE BOOKS. We had a good exchange of messages upfront. During our stay, it was nice to chat with FREE BOOKS and they were respectful of the house rules. First 100 Trucks: And Things That Go by Roger Priddy. There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you

ericsaysalot in my feelings good things come to those who wait WHILE putting in the work 🙏🪜⬆️ regularly tweets. mostly rational. NONSENS. . . ational.

kirstiebenedict @gregcjacobs izzzzz all good. they will straighten things out. it’s better this way. i always keep my expectations WAY low. i was born and then i grew up but not too much...

Craig_Taku_Dzwa I choose to wear your name like my favorite cloak - coz like all good things that belong to me, I'm assured to love & take care of you even on days when the weather says, "No, wear something else." By this I mean, you're one to be mine & I'll wear you on the hottest day in summer I sell myself in stories and poems📃🖋// MMA fan//Aviator 🗺️🚀✈️// 80's music lover😉// I am not a Nerd😂💀||Vans Collector👟/African literature📖

_bckylws oxford @eirawave I've heard so many good things but i jump at the smallest things so it's gonna be a time that's for sure!! lower your expectations 🌈 student, scientist, streamer 🎮🧪 || they/them || priv: @sadbeckers || icon: @vulpesvesper

polyatomicdog HOT TIP! You will drink more water if it tastes good. I'm dead serious. Throw some mint in there, throw some lemon or strawberry or a little flavor packet. Your brain likes things that taste good. artist and musician. msg me for comissons shit.. will sketch 4 free if i have time, nsfw friendly n vtuber friendly polyatomicdog#4762

fifelike Random's Kitchen, Scotland. @KMotherofcats Definitely pal. A good mood booster too. All the other things can wait til you get hame. I live by this now, and I've had some adventures #Indyref2 🍀🇪🇺🏔️🍺 🌱📷

dreamyhyunjin @straynations BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE IG 😃 —ཻ #현진: i love everything about you !⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ | she/her 💌 fan account | #Lovestay❣

heIIpoet 20, any pronouns good things very good things obligatory enjoyer of trash media

Evcot41 @Sarahessex73 Thank you so much Sarah! It's been a good day all things considered. Wishing you the same my sweet friend. 🥰❤🤗 Simply Me! Family❤Collingwood 🖤🤍Sports❤Humour🤣❤Quotes! ❤Animals ❤Nature!❤No Tags 🚫

sxftcookie 🏳️‍🌈 they/she Why are you linking such random things? Did someone try to convince you that speaking one’s mother-tongue makes them a good person? a riot. | beautiful, soft moon. | renewing. | they.

DarkAng67390046 Drawn to shadows in Tartarus @Bobby51427156 it's good over here! how's things down under? dark illusive vampiric magnetic energy interpreter •• lust for evil riffs and blood 🖤😈🖤

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