I have now been informed

I have now been informed that government isnt shutting Flutterwave down So we are clear on that No one is shutting Flutterwave down They will reset the donation link and get things going again We are good

Omojuwa Africa I have now been informed that government isn’t shutting Flutterwave down. So we are clear on that. No one is shutting Flutterwave down. They will reset the donation link and get things going again. We are good #iStandWithFlutterwave #ENDSARS #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria 🌞 T24
Dremodrizzy 30BG HQ We are winning small small we haven’t won yet so I don’t think we should go back to start tweeting about normal things like everywhere is good ! #StopKillingNigerianYouths A Young Ambitious Youth Achieving❗️
iRuntown #EndPoliceBrutality. Give your serving officers good welfare, these things are basic and that's all this movement is about! bookings@soundgodmusicgroup.com
TheWalePeters Nigeria Those they sent to disrupt the protest at Alausa are YOUTHS! People that can be bought with money to destroy good things are the problem. If this is not nipped in the bud, the military might be deployed as the protest will be tagged violent. #EndSARS #EndSWAT #SARSMUSTEND Curious | More Than A Designer | I Bring Ideas To Life | Lead Designer @QalmaCreative | Experiment @TheDesignBro
WilliamSpence68 Belfast, Northern Ireland @twinklestar1964 Good morning was out for a walk and some things for the weekend enjoy your day everything I say is my own views
nicoliehere PH I'm not good with things like 💿, 👀t. #ForYouJae @Jae_Day6 🤟❤ p & f acc. | wanna go back
mylnlbt "Good things come those who wait. " Disappointment at its finest
chanyan29 @knewbettersteph I am forever thankful for the "gift of life". Because of it I was be able to see the beauty of the world, the smiles and laughters of my loved ones, I was able to enjoy all good things in life, including the challenges, trials and the thrills which made my life worth living. ❤️❤️ Someday, ako naman pipiliin. ☘️✨ Future Cardiothoracic surgeon❤️ Back-up account: @chanyeoliee29 is locked (can't access the account) 😂
chebettyy Kenya @SintaSintamei Myself, because I deserve good things in life 😊 ||•Be a nice human 💛•|| ||•Crochet designer•|| ||•Medical student•|| To place a crochet order, DM or Whatsapp +254729759873
Vishnuvarthan_N @saalnaasoori @karthickselvaa You asked him to help the gov in this pandemic situation right? Take it buddy. We've no loss. And the case will further continue by someone and good thing will happen. Still we say, we are here to do good things and change the (de)faulty system. Patience bro🤘 #அனுபவமே_பாடம் Superstar fan😎 Mechanical engineer😃 Car lover😍 Foodie😋
IvanAtman If you feel unease whenever you want to share with your bestie all the good things that happened to you, then you should immediately ask yourself: What the hell are you still doing there IG : @ivan_atman
nightsburning Day1267: you deserve all the good things in the world, Jimin💜💫 @BTS_twt 💜fan account💜 (g)i-dle/TxT/wanna one/hotshot/kard/chung ha/bnm boys/hyungsik/jaejoong/hyuna- and esp. bts- and Jimin~ @nightburningart; Admin N/24/Austria
mangocoloredboy sea of self-doubt @shezzaho good for groceries gid 😍 and some sort of things!!! i need more why’s
napperchapper Coalmine Wastelands, Scotland Good morning twitter! Here we are Friday Eve. Let's do things. Independent Hip Hop Artist (Lyricist & Producer) My music is available on all major platforms.
hush512 @JBoatwater @VikingsDraftNFL @SkolSithLord I mean, you're saying that like MJ drafted his supporting cast. The FO did a good job building a good team around MJ with Scottie and Horace Grant and later Rodman. If LeBron would've had a guy of pippen's level in Cleveland things would've been different. LeBron had Delonte West

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