I had some things to

I had some things to say about latest album and how theyre so good at making it all even the quiet moments unabashedly loud

crystalbell New York, NY I had some things to say about @Stray_Kids’ latest album #NOEASY and how they’re so good at making it all, even the quiet moments, unabashedly loud. 💥 culture writer for hire ✍🏻 | words @teenvogue @nylonmag @papermagazine @mtvnews ✨ | virgo ♍️ ENFP | pitch: crystalb.bell@gmail.com 💌 | she/her
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VisitNotts Nottingham, UK What better way to explore Notts than joined by those who know all the ins & outs? Whether you're fascinated by all things Robin Hood @EzekialBone , Mayflower Pilgrims or you could use a good laugh with @NuttyNottingha1 - there's something for everyone! 👉 News & events brought to you by the official tourist board for Nottingham & Nottinghamshire 🏹 Use #lovenotts to tell us what you love about the city & county.
__codexterous @joe__kirby @SaysMiss @MaryMyatt This is superb. Cal Newport has a good strategy too: have a set quota of additional things you are willing to do. Once the quota has been filled say no. Communicate this when saying no. If they have a problem it’s then not about you but the quota. It depersonalises saying no English teacher || Whole school research || Blogger || PhD in Twentieth-Century Literature || My views are my own
ToChange101 Weekends can be used for many things - to relax, to spend time with family, to learn new skills, to have fun, to complete housework. Mix it up, be productive. Have a good weekend x Inspired to start in 2020 during the Covid19 pandemic. Change is ahead of us all, let's make it work for us all too. UK based. International messages
MaryLand_acnh @Tsukuyomii1i @IntllgntMonke @TabasTabassum SO UR NOT GOOD AT NOTICING THINGS HAHHAHAHAHHA 18 | goomba
sugarcoatedcorp @rubyburns00 @FollowTheYen @Kingbingo_ Oh no! That's not good is it, poor friend. I think they'd best not watching the news and try to keep themselves busy with other things. Its not too far from summer in Melbourne so hopefully they can come out of the LD soon enough.
markcoupland67 Australia @jtrevs77 @WaddleandSilvy You and silky are a mule, bears have been good and bad But have been to playoff two of three years, grow up and be a man about things

Growing a Pineapple from the top.