I guess GOOD things happened

I guess GOOD things happened in Philadelphia

RMcElhenney I guess GOOD things happened in Philadelphia. Sometimes I'm on TV.
Susan_Hennessey Washington, DC I know the various decision desks are acting in good faith and waiting to meet specific thresholds, but the longer this goes without them declaring what everyone recognizes is the inevitable outcome, the scarier things are going to get. Lawfare Executive Editor, Brookings Senior Fellow, CNN National Security and Legal Analyst, Former IC attorney.
BillOReilly Why is Mr. Biden yelling? Glad we are going to do things together. Not sure what those things are but Joe is jazzed. He says God is on board which is good, I think. 'Killing Crazy Horse' available now! Smart, fair, tough analysis on
6ixButterfly 0hi0 I’m a very “see/say things for what it is”; don’t dress it up to sound good for me cause it probably isn’t the real anyways poet&mommy. je suis une reine. all about preserving what good is left in the world,& the flow of positive energy. putting my ♥️ where the concrete flowers grow
joelbousley Las Vegas, NV @LouDobbs @realDonaldTrump You’re still as insufferable and dense as ever, Lou. Some things never change. Best thing that ever happened was you leaving CNN. You’re nothing but fascist-lite now. Pathetic. As a veteran, people like you sicken me. The Republic is saved. Good riddance to your dear leader. Veteran. Progressive. MBA & MPS in political management. PMP. Interests: business, politics, astronomy, woodworking, & history. *My tweets are mine alone.*

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