Hitler did a lot of

Hitler did a lot of good things--Donald Trump on a 2018 trip Per CNNThis is not a joke He actually said that

donwinslow Repped by The Story Factory "Hitler did a lot of good things" --Donald Trump on a 2018 trip (Per CNN) This is not a joke. He actually said that. #1 Internationally bestselling author of The Cartel, The Force, The Border and Savages. Author of 3 New York Times Critics Choice Best books of the Year.
RepSwalwell East Bay, CA & DC (CA-15) RT if @GOPLeader McCarthy should answer whether he also thinks Hitler “did a lot of good things.” He’s hitched himself and the GOP to all things Trump. If he doesn’t disavow this, he condones it. What is it Kevin? Husband | Dad to Nelson&Cricket | CA Congressman | @HouseJudiciary @HouseIntel @HomelandDems
mmpadellan Brooklyn, NY Good morning and Happy Hump Day to everyone except those who think Hitler "did a lot of good things," and people like John Kelly who hid that information from the public. Proud papa. Perpetually pissed. #BlueWave2022, #Feminist. #TheResistance, #BLM Author of The Liddle'est President. 👉Sr. Advisor, @ReallyAmerican1👈👀
ReinaUsmc @KeithOlbermann They say Democrats did good things… Kennedy is proof of one. But they are predominantly evil. Since the 1860s when they were formed. Y’all are a bunch of hypocrites! What you’ve done to VA is atrocious‼️ You want the violence. We want to live in PEACE! #VADems #FIXurSHT DigitalMarine 🎬2 🐸 We all know we must do the hard thing now, so we don’t have to do something worse, later‼️#Vote2020 #SilentRunning #YESi17 #SemperFi—2531
MarieVyVy1 Japan @Tokenplay2 @MoonfarmFinance I hope good things come in the future 😍😍😍
R83Zeeshan BTC Showing heavy resistance at higher levels... Also just broke the ascending triangle. Things not looking good on the daily chart!
LastBlairite West Midlands, England England fans doing good things happens every day. Right across the country and abroad. This is our football team. It's there. It's nearly....home “There's only one tradition I hated: losing. Government is about the hard graft of achievement." #TuttoAndràBeneUK 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
UnpopOp77 Western New York It's the things like this that really make me think the 2020 election was bogus, not the politicians whining about it. Good job, @Toyota Pragmatic idealist. Realists laugh at me, other idealists think I'm the devil. 🇺🇸 Probably not in the mood for your pedantic ass.
bella_ogutu The industrialization has brought a lot of good things and bad things as well. One of the adverse effects of industrialization is the creation of solid waste. #KenyaSafi Mother Environmentalist Psychologist
strwbrryjamy @Definews_Info @autofarmnetwork @ReefDeFi @BalancerLabs @TradeDOG1 @defi_11 @ConvergenceFin @1inch Big claps to all this platform who has this good works!👏🏻 May they enjoy this great things you have and more power to y'alls platform!✨ follow me and i’ll follow you back!!!
perilousphoto Western Spiral Arm Alright, $15 for a Browning Ice Storm folding knife. These things were expensive (relative), back in the day. At this point I’m just generally intrigued by the knife industry and ordering stuff that’s a good deal for the hell of it. way less photography than you’d think
Exalted_Speed *see people talk about anime tube *check out it’s Kickstarter page Reading this is like reading one of those fan dream things of those perfect world scenarios where you know it’s too good to be true because you know too much about copyright law. Critic of comics who might love too many things. Alternate account for Watchmen content
katalyst2020 There’s some good about bad things and bad about good things
finaIdays Ic: _milkyydelight Even amongst vampires, Lord Ferid has a noble pedigree. As long as I give him my blood, he'll buy me anything I want. Now, we can have good things to eat. In the end, the best way to live down here is to be smart. You've got to be clever to survive. Oudi and scar’s shared bot welcome mentally ill people

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