Hey gang a lot of

Hey gang a lot of life stuff has been happening lately all good stuff just busy stuff because of that while I can stick to the normal number of videos you would get per month some may be a day or two delayed I hope you understand and things should be back to normal soon

ScottTheWoz Hey gang, a lot of life stuff has been happening lately, all good stuff just busy stuff, because of that, while I can stick to the normal number of videos you would get per month, some may be a day or two delayed. I hope you understand and things should be back to normal soon. Hey all, Scott here.

JesseKellyDC Houston, TX Lotta people talking about who deserves to die and who they want to die and things like that. That’s all fine and good, but the historical monsters who talked like that before at least knew they needed a monopoly on force first. Y’all best be careful. You missed a step. Host of ‘I’m Right’ on The First. Host of the nationally syndicated Jesse Kelly Show. Anti-Communist. Community college credits.

HeerJeet True bias of USA press is neither left not right but elite centrist. Things loved by elite centrists (forever wars, deficit reduction, anti-inflation policies, "bipartisan compromise") are treated as if they are naturally right and good, rather than debatable policy choices. 1. Substacker: 2. Columnist, The Nation 3. email: jeetheer1967 at gmail dot com 5. Twitter essayist 6. Drawn by Joe Ollmann

nikkitruckee I had to venture out for food today and little pouches of tasty bits of things in broth for the cat. I shouldn’t have to go amongst people for at least two weeks and I feel pretty good about that. Resisting the urge to throw out the clothes I wore driving to Seattle & back. Writing. Dinner may be delayed. Aspiring cat. Part-time hermit.

CanibalSuicune2 @InKDexpereince @kohakudoori Hell, there's absolutely no reason for the route of the heroine the damn game is named after to be so underwhelming and incomplete and fucking Ciel, god what a waste of good design and interesting backstory and lore because it was too busy recycling things from Arc's route Punished Twitter Clout Chaser and slanderer extraordinaire, will post nonsensical takes for food, high on spiral power and cute anime girls in robots

FlyingJKDoll 15, poc (persian) Good things ofc She/her. ‘06. Taeyeon, not Taehyung ( /ij ). @timberkoo is the jin to my seung 💜💙 I tweet art every once in a while(that doesn’t mean i’m good at art😅).

manishthakwani9 @MaxJaco91967789 @tribeonedefi these reminds me of surprise boxes layered with good things when you open haahhaah i love them for that. $HAKA #KuCoin #TribeOne

bmoonstone3 Liverpool, NY @sophieenrose The weekends go so fast. Especially when they are full of good things. I hope your Monday isn't a drag! Solitary druid searching for peace. Lover of the Moon & Earth and all creatures in between. Give me the rain on my skin, the wind in my hair, the sun on my face

SimonONeill1966 @automandan @CBCToronto What we have now is a right-wing government trying to prevent a far-right party from getting more control. This country has no clue what the left looks like. We forget all the good things the left has done for nations, healthcare, democracy, education, employment insurance, etc Mohawked construction worker in wastewater environment. Master of none. Chameleon admirer. Just me being me

dingdinghopkin The world famous Nottingham @simonbby I think we all thought ch was a good appointment, but it’s just not worked. No hard feelings, it just hasn’t and imo we should be moving on. The new guy will be the lead on things going forward, so let him do his thing Dad, Husband, #nffc season ticket holder & back to back champion of predict the 11

rilokiley_bot Pretend all the good things are for you Pretend all the good things are for me too rilo kiley lyrics every hour

withkya woke up an hour late 🤘🤘 sounds sucky but in the super lucky position that everyone i work with is totally fine with when it happens and usually it means that sleep was _needed_, it's actually a good start to things 💛 hope you can have a good day, today and through the week! making things. trying to be the best me possible, wanting to help you be the best you possible. DMs open and gladly received 🌸 📨
SunshineSprkl69 They/He/Any @catprone I have literally heard nothing but good things about his character work and matches LV.22 Paulo. My soul is as vast as my ass is fat. #BlackLivesMatter. Bi, Girls+. Sometimes art. Other times, NSFW RTs. Mostly just shitposts.

OhasiArt commission-info etc➡️ @Elijahzx1 Thanks. It's true that I'm not good at organizing, so I always get lost in layers🙄 I hadn't really thought about improving efficiency, I gonna think about such a measure too. Well, Actualy It is needed to think like those things. 🇯🇵🇺🇸🔞 / Daily practice(@Ohasi_sub) ⚠️Repost is prohibited⚠ Drawing OCs daily-life every day 🟧Lewd_one:🟧wish_list:
Mthokojose Sebokeng, South Africa @_Dumile Could be a form of compliment ... like babe you are Good , but we see things differently and that’s okay Baba ka Olwethu , I respect my grind & hustle . love music (Deep House), art and creative works . Chillaxed Sounds Founder . Sapiosexual . Christian 🙏🏾

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