Heaven or hell to me it's a mystery, when I die will I gain new fresh breath like listerine?Heaven or hell to me it's a mystery, when I die will I gain new fresh breath like listerine?

TwerkinTitss (at Prince's Palace || Leicester on Mon Dec 15 08:59:50 2014) Heaven or hell to me it's a mystery, when I die will I gain new fresh breath like listerine?

strawberrysky10 (at on Mon Dec 15 08:57:58 2014) @DennysDiner When I die just put Denny's in my IV and I will come back to life
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when will i die, death HartBreakerLive (at on Mon Dec 15 08:51:13 2014) I want to live such a life that when I die I will live forever
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JazzLoveBlues (at Kitchens from Atl2Savannah on Mon Dec 15 08:46:40 2014) I believe that I will probably die alone because I run away when I don't see shit working out... I'm used to everybody being temporary.
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HolisticTrader (at Dallas Texas on Mon Dec 15 08:45:20 2014) $CL_F long 58.45 for a run above 58.80 I could be sleeping but that too boring..I am a trader will sleep when I die
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aligs786 (at ALIGARH on Mon Dec 15 08:45:15 2014) These days love: if yes then okay ,if no then why... I will die... Plz love me..... Love is a headache when its wid a girl
VoxPopple (at Bristol on Mon Dec 15 08:44:23 2014) Mondays. When I die and go to hell all my days will be Mondays.
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FuckingWiseGuy (at #FreePalestine on Mon Dec 15 08:38:29 2014) The question I wonder is after death, after my last breath When will I finally get to rest?
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flamecel16 (at PHILIPPINES | SPAIN on Mon Dec 15 08:36:18 2014) When will I die? (Tagalog) - Do you want to know the cause of your death? (Just for fun)
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eve__debra (at Meriden, CT on Mon Dec 15 08:30:26 2014) With the alarming cruelty in the world, even when walk through the valley of the shadow of death I WILL FEAR NO EVIL because God is with me.

robynevaa (at Neverland Ranch on Mon Dec 15 08:29:32 2014) when i die will someone please stuff me and put me in your living room
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schotsvrouw (at Rotterdam on Mon Dec 15 08:26:16 2014) @gregmoodie Because, when I die, my children will discover that I always found rude words amusing & question my disciplinary standards. ;)
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torea_langley (at on Mon Dec 15 08:23:06 2014) I never had a death in the family and when it happens ill be wreck will I show it idk
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When Will I Die? Madotsuki_Eng (at on Mon Dec 15 08:22:09 2014) Do you think I may as well die immediately? But I'm short of something, when I get all of them, I will know all of them.
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_donnalennnox (at on Mon Dec 15 08:14:58 2014) Usually its sundays a need company or i will die but its a rare occasion when its mondays, its nice to change it up
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vballkittybot (at on Mon Dec 15 08:11:35 2014) I will not die, I'm waiting for you! I feel alive, when your beside me! I will not die, I'm waiting for you, in my time of dying!~
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TionneMarie (at on Mon Dec 15 08:05:51 2014) If and when I do, I will love the fuck out of he or she until the day that I die.
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elijah_t_young (at on Mon Dec 15 08:04:20 2014) When I die, what will they say about me?
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lalalourdes (at CALIFORNIA on Mon Dec 15 07:51:20 2014) I will forever recite the intro for "To Live & Die in L.A." when it plays. Word for word.
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Liam_Orodochain (at on Mon Dec 15 07:50:13 2014) “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” --Will Rogers
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KimmiWalden (at Southern California on Mon Dec 15 07:46:57 2014) @justintayevans @torialyp I will when I die hunny bun 😘 until then this bitch still talking
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byunnstar (at on Mon Dec 15 07:45:40 2014) im frightened ill probably be at school when the teaser comes out and i will wheeze to death right the r e
oh sehun must be destroyed
milxage (at on Mon Dec 15 07:39:51 2014) if amity play death's hand when i see them i will never complain about anything ever again
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Olisboard (at hemel on Mon Dec 15 07:32:45 2014) I bet you when I get into school someone will say I look like death
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someone2lookup2 (at on Mon Dec 15 07:30:47 2014) You will when you die “@_MiaBrownie: I wanna be able to sleep RT “@someone2lookup2: @_MiaBrownie stay yo ass up all night””
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cherylhaless (at on Mon Dec 15 07:28:39 2014) if you really know you me you know much i literally die when hot nigga comes on that shit will always be fire to me 🔥🔥
bubblesxtrye (at on Mon Dec 15 07:26:17 2014) sarah better not even drawl like this when we move in together cus I will DIE.
godxzayn (at your man's on Mon Dec 15 07:13:24 2014) i was watching the LAST episode of fashion police and i thought "when will she die?" and then the next day she died.
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EternalOSenpai (at Malaysia on Mon Dec 15 07:09:49 2014) @SeanLeto when you die can I have your skin? It will make a good leather chair
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minaaljanabi (at Dubai on Mon Dec 15 07:09:43 2014) @ul_Awab @zahra_almomen @jalabandi @heru_prasojo @BBCWorld when i die and i go up there i promise you i will ask him.. No worries.
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dana_joyfulday (at on Mon Dec 15 07:05:12 2014) I believe that when i die many will be relieved that my incessant suffering is over. #slowdyingflower
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