Hearing lot of good things

Hearing lot of good things about Asim Riaz a young and talented actor from JampK who has the best chances of winning this season of Best wishes

TheSamirAbbas India, New Delhi Hearing lot of good things about Asim Riaz, a young and talented actor from J&K who has the best chances of winning this season of #BigBoss. Best wishes #AsimForTheWin 👍 Executive Editor @TV9Bharatvarsh, Past : Consulting Editor News18, Executive Editor Live India, Ex @News18India, @INDIATVNews
ava Fourth World Today during the Super Bowl, the National Football League and its allies will sanitize and co-opt a black protest movement. I refuse to watch that happen before my eyes as if it’s all good. Some things are worth more than an afternoon of football. Mom of 10: When They See Us, Wrinkle in Time, Queen Sugar, 13th, Selma, Middle of Nowhere, Venus VS, I Will Follow, My Mic Sounds Nice, This is The Life. xo
Eugenia_Cooney Destiny Islands Remember that the things you say to a person online are still being said to a real person even though you're saying it behind a screen. Saying something mean or negative about someone doesn't do anything positive for anybody or make anyone feel good. Spread kindness and love ☺️❤️ May your heart be your guiding key 🗝💖✨
cieslque @poptimism101 there are many objectively good things, such as "J Spaceman", "Josh 'Deakin' Dibb", "not cieslick", head full of shit
AnyagoStacy Washington, DC Two important things; 1. Poverty will have been eradicated for good in the county within a year. 2. Kenya will take a maximum of 2years to clear all debt obligations. It grows on its own, No fertilizer, No pruning No watering. ...3/4 don't show me your attitude I love all my niggas
FionaSmyth11 Edinburgh, Scotland @samtburdis @jarekz3 @carryonkeith @amicon_13 What is it about decisions having consequences that is baffling to you? The world doesn’t work in some fantasy way where only good things happen, it’s not as if people weren’t warned of what the consequences before they voted Just me!

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