God grant me the serenity

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change the courage to change the things I can and a good nights sleep after Nov 3

GeorgeTakei Broadway - New York, NY God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and a good night’s sleep after Nov 3. Sulu from Star Trek. King of the Internet (according to Taco Bell). NYT Bestselling Author. Resistance Fighter. Husband.
matthaig1 pale blue dot The sky isn't more beautiful if you have perfect skin. Music doesn't sound more interesting if you have a six-pack. Dogs aren't better company if you're famous. Pizza tastes good regardless of your status. The best of life exists beyond the things we are encouraged to crave. New number one Sunday Times bestseller and New York Times bestseller The Midnight Library out now.
Alyssa_Milano Los Angeles Don’t panic. Believe in the process. Good will prevail. It always does. I know it’s hard but try not to post negative things. Getting out the vote is the most important thing right now. When we post the chaos we are suppressing the vote and feeding into their game. 🇺🇸 Check out @sorrynotsorry @PatNotPart and @NoRA4USA Please follow my other accounts for career updates @AlyssaDotCom @TouchByAM Text Me: 323)396-9923
crapolatombola United Kingdom @beesesteeses I think I’ve been far too furious most of my life and all it’s done is make me really unwell and sad. Still important to discuss things that cause us personal pain of course. Talking is good, but amplifying and promoting constant negative news doesn’t really help anyone. I like hats and dogs.☺️ you can buy me a coffee if you feel so inclined, no pressure, like.
RoosGartner Vientiane / Wassenaar The moment I get the military at my door will be decisive. When the purge of the non- compliers starts it will be my time. I thank you all for the follows and the great sharing, I need to get out of here, wishing you all the good things in life The Roos Gartner Diaries
mspharm_ Wishaw, Scotland As I was walking up the stairs into work I just caught sight of the beginnings of a rainbow out of the window near the hospital. A sign perhaps there’s always hope & things will get better again. Nice way to start a Monday. Wishing all my @WishawGen colleagues have a good week 🌈 Clinical Pharmacist: Surgery, T&O, ICU & Gyn @WishawGen | Independent Prescriber | @UKCPA Member | MSc Student | Husband, Dad, owner of a Pug | Views are my own
BritishCrafting Hampshire Good morning @SirTomhunter in tears watching your interview on @BBCBreakfast One of the most heartwarming things I have seen this year! We have pulled together this year as Indie Makers - so hard for people missing family and friends. Music is so powerful as a connection 💙 The Home of Artisan Gifts Showcasing the very best of British Handmade #SBS Winner 9/7/18 #smallbiz100
arulmabr Two things that I came across about Gambling : 1. Gambling is only considered an addiction if you're bad at it. 2. If you're good at gambling, you're not actually gambling. Wanna hear your thoughts about this. #gambling #certainty #risk #returns A sophomore at BITS Goa, who's fascinated by financial markets, management consulting and just diving into whatever that's intriguing. I love movies n memes :p
187JOCELYN Los Angeles, CA kind of. i believe that if you do bad things, you open the door for bad things to happen to you & same concept goes for doing good 710
Clare231965 Fareham, England @reece_dinsdale @djonesbutchers As Edna has been around longer than your good self & has made people achieve things for her I reckon she should be odds on fav Books Comedy Beauty Entertainment Food Music Television Live Gigs Grandchildren Family
fantasy_things Hard to describe Collingwood as a ‘good’ football club at the moment This is very poor, he’s their best mid Full of undeniably useless information
Emmagee04 Anambra, Nigeria Happy birthday senior!! Wish you all the good things of life Cryptopreneur and a dedicated Trader/ focus on your risk and your Reward will focus on you!
PdunnPaula @BBCBreakfast making me cry 😢 this morning! Nick and Paul 💙💙#fatherandson #musicfordementia #Alzheimer #onemillionpounds Its so good to remember that good people can do great things! Mother, Friend, Partner and Head Coach for British Athletics Paralympic Programme
minrathus i've heard good things about the queen's gambit. i'm gonna spend all day tomorrow watching it & trying to forget that tuesday exists bts + mdzs + tgcf; 24, she/her🌙
winstonfanboy San Francisco, CA Appreciation post!!! shout-out to the craziest bidch I know @nadiawife love u and miss u so much!!!! I'm really happy we came out the same year. You give me so much confidence. Manifesting good things for you, luv. ✨♥️👁️🔮 Paddington Fan Account. the big gay
JessieStessa Livin’ in fall of 2017 though that doesn’t stop the nostalgia from hurting me. I can’t imagine things getting much worse, although judging from experience, they probably will. I’m hoping that the cold season will be a good one, despite my fears that it won’t be. As I always say, only time shall tell. Life is going on, I guess
burrrrrberry @BrentHarrington It was tremendously hyped.... If a movie is really that good they dont need all those monologues explaining what and why things are happening (imho) In a jam packed parking lot, I'm the girl who finds a front row spot.
RukkySimply Lagos, Nigeria @yabaleftonline Anybody that follow me will never lack good things in life 🙏 I promise to follow back ASAP God first then mum💙
solomon15551 Lagos, Nigeria @FaithChirwa03 No, that's not a good things am very simple,humble , opinions are my own .
QuameSamuel2 I wish good things#NovemberWish 💃
PevenEverett Chicago Up till now the haves & have nots exist because of race. Every " major " institution in America seems to exist w/out aiding equality. ANYTHING that excludes good is bad for society. This is common sense. When we avoid common sense to favor common greed, things get real prejudiced The Official Twitter home of Peven Everett New Music is @peven.net - Performing Producer of Gabriel & Official Global Music Ambassador servicing universities
ashley_lozano14 22🧚🏻‍♀️ some things are too good to be true & i guess that’s alright blm
involve_d6_d6w Terenure @CatrionaGolden What has the benefits been to having a special class in your school? What has the benefit been to the wider school community? What have the difficulties been for you as a principal & how can things be improved? Thanks have a good day 🙂. Parents’ Support Group, providing support, whilst advocating for our children & promoting inclusion & acceptance. “A Voice For Autism In Our Local Community”
Asneeeeeeeee Clock End Good Morning. Reminder that there are 3 things certain in life. Death, Taxes and Arsenal slapping up United lmao. RIP Arteta FC

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