Flying back home from Palm

Flying back home from Palm Beach I had great meetings and I am delighted to tell you that President Trump is working on something big Good things are happening Have a fabulous week

ACTBrigitte USA Flying back home from Palm Beach. I had great meetings and I am delighted to tell you that President Trump is working on something big. Good things are happening. Have a fabulous week. Survivor of Terrorism. @ACTforAmerica Founder & Chairman. NYT Best-Selling Author. National Security Expert. RTs/Follows/Likes are NOT Endorsements.
muftimenk Zimbabwe This is how merciful our Lord is; He will open doors we didn’t even knock on! So why do we get upset when He closes certain doors in our lives? He knows things which you and I don’t. He only wants what’s good for us. Always. Zimbabwe
anandmahindra Mumbai, India “Successful people always have two things on their lips: Silence and a Smile. A Smile to solve problems and Silence to avoid problems.” Good advice that I received this morning. It will resonate with everyone that’s logged some time on this planet... Chairman & Team member, Covid-19 Fighters, Mahindra Group
kanbaru_engbot Naoetsu Private High School Sorry for having to make you go through the trouble, Araragi-senpai. I don't really have any skills except for basketball so, I'm not really good at things like cleaning up. little monkey things (current status: active)
rinboden Illinois, USA I wanna ask him and I feel like I’m in a healthy mindset so I’m just gonna keep going with it. things are good <3 i slept peaceful last night it was weird haha don't speak, don't hear, nothing real to fear the sick man of Europe finishing his meal ryan12#8235
TheSaucyFacker The things is, shes good looking so it’s all air lol. Down to my last vowel but don’t worry, I still got x and v left
Student75919598 Your daily motivation is to know that good things come to those who work hard for it!
mucchanko_ @ my neurones. My lads. My good lads. How about u like. Give me one day of normal sleep. You rememeber the good old "no dreams" , "not waking up 7 times during the night", "no nightmares". Things like that. Y kno. Bring it back. Ya girl needs sleep. 😍 she/her▪︎19▪︎ i talk about the same three things and rant about writing here ▪︎not spoiler-free
Vritism BTS Universe @umstfubby Does that mean am a fan of ur idol In the first place i had no idea only that it was a member of g0t7 That's why i kept saying that it was a mistake and i had no idea U all are good at assuming things Which ain't for real Fanarts / Illustrations 📍 18 📍 she/her 📍 🇮🇳 📍 💜BTS 📍 Finding Mutuals 🔍
AHealthBlog There’s always a silver lining, even though it may be hard to see sometimes. Be thankful and acknowledge the good things that you experience every day Site: Newsletter: FB: Flipboard:
gaysurrect France There's a lot of things that I don't like doing but I'm pretty good at: small talk, working in the service industry, being the bigger person, talking in public, etc. Being a girl is one of them which is why I stopped. they/them, legally goth
Carole77777 In Christ in heavenly places His lord said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.' Matthew 25:23
faithfrance24 LA Look, I’ll handle a lot of things but I’m just gonna complain the entire time and you gotta deal bc I do a damn good job Comedy | Film | TV | Cat Mom | Sagittarius ✨ While some girls belong to the streets, I belong to the ponds bc I’m a silly goose. #BLM
princechongqing chongqing 〃what are the good things in this afternoon? if i continue to make a story, uhm, there are no more ideas and if i looking for friends where should i be confused, okay i will make a daily imagine but it looks like it will be difficult #UNREAL 91L 〃 RP Account , Vocalist from X-NINE , Chinese Actor || OC!rp w/@waiyibo #ChineseSQ
loveradio3 England @greenfaerie @lucyproctor @BBCRadio4 Good point. But until we get rid of all of those things (when?!) let’s keep simple boundaries in place, to protect women who are not lucky enough to live in safe middle class communities Loves Great Music and Arts. Proud to be on Woman’s Hour Top 40 Women in Music List 2018 and Northern Power Women List 2019. All views my own.