Erling Haaland on his holiday

Erling Haaland on his holiday with Riyad He told me to come to so he was right about that He talks he said some good things about the club via

City_Xtra IG: City_Xtra Erling Haaland on his holiday with Riyad @Mahrez22: "He told me to come to #ManCity, so he was right about that! He talks, he said some good things about the club..." [via @ManCity] Complete #ManCity coverage: News, transfers, match commentary • @SPORTbible partner • @The_FCAs Best PL Club Creator 2021 • Contact: contact@cityxtra.co.uk
mikepompeo “A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things, and an evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth evil things.” Matthew 12:35 Sunday Scripture ✝️ Former U.S. SecState, CIA Director. Christian, husband, father, @USArmy vet, Kansan & proud American 🇺🇸 @CAV_PAC Chair | Text "CHAMPION" to 29910
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zhockobampa Kendari Them before Things get done only if we are good. ك̷و̷د̶⁩ ⁦̸خ̷ص̸م̴⁩ . .._^ ے⁦نون⁩- Mncari psangan hidup yang mau nerima sya apa adanya...
fruitysalsa any pronouns | 20 | bi @snowregretz ahahaha well i'm unfortunately still stuck on it. but maybe the universe is trying to send you a message? 👀 who knows? manifesting good things for you only! 🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾 we all deserve happy endings 💕- @mcgrathxlarson
jerrryhere Question-if you are a person who grew in an environment where discipline was a priority.and now thats a part of your personality,but you see people around yourself, breaking rules,doing stuff which is not good for them,but you see that these people get a way with lots of things. Psychology student.
alex_uleh Lagos, Nigeria @Obi_Cubanaa I think cassava production is ok for way things is going in this country.if I can lay my hands on #1000000 is a good start to start planting cassava ask me
moonskyy_ebooks tweeters twoots man i miss that couch, it will show if tomorrow iwll be good at things
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MikiLovesMusic just don’t get it. being told I’m doing great one week then building my confidence and then saying stuff like this really just doesn’t feel good. I’m just confused bc at the beginning they said “don’t take things personal” when patients get upset or whatever but… 23🖤 ig: miki_bennett_ /sad boi/edm/NGHTMRE
swannyriver2424 @CoachHockett @UWSPWBB Congrats @CoachHockett ! Good things in store for UWSP Women’s Hoops and for you! Father, husband, teacher, coach. #Badgers #Packers #Brewers #Stars fan.
gbayo1 @hartng The N100M is what APC politicians paid recently to obtain nomination forms. Just imagine the good things you outlined to be done with same amount. Just imagine! I wish you success brother. I am a think-tank, philosopher and an advocate for just and egalitarian society.
cultfree54 United Kingdom If your non-stop coup to unseat the elected government succeeds and a UK-phobic Labour enters power, in no time I suspect things will get so bad that a lot of British people will take a good look at Rwanda and consider emigrating there. For critical thinking & allergic to authoritarian schemes. 14books, latest a biography of Portugal's Salazar, next 1, Empty Suits and Zealots, Europe 1945-2022.
TheGiftOfLife19 Boston, MA @siren1378 I need to use Grammarly. I've heard good things about it. Thanks for sharing your process 😃 Father/writer/poet. Author of the Gift Of Life series and Poetry Passages. Giving out FREE copies of one of my books. DM me for details.
VXYorkfe11 All things in their being are good for something. 男士+薇:Yorkbe 主号查阅: @Yorkkefu09 全球华人、留学生高端约啪平台(非外围) 私密、高效 男生入会+VX:Yorkby或者6902054;女生入会+VX:806766640 六年老平台,做口碑!
JoeyOwe21254910 Clearwater, FL @dbongino Dan you’re right she’s nothing like her father. People just don’t realize how good they had it when the Don was running things every1 needs to wake up and smell the roses Semi retired, My alter ego is Colonel Joeyo. Owens lot Mgm’t -a Fee based Mgr.
playgalcal ⚜️ @_tlizzz 😂 those lil things be TOO good, idk what made me just crave so random keep ur 🖤 3 stacks
drawdanii Virginia, USA @daitsaisan Slowly eating salt and vinegar chips helps me. but I've also heard good things about motion sickness bands/clips. Illustrator. Designer. 🌟 She/her Represented by Advocate Art @advocateart01 | | instagram: draw.dani My thoughts are my own.
fragbanned20 Thanks for joining. I don't feel good about how things went down the other day. Fan account for Arby n' The Chief. Posts a random Eugene quote every 15 minutes or so.
MusicNetuno Brasil Good Things Is Out Now On All Streaming Platforms 🚨🎶 All links to this new music track and to many others in my bio. #newmusic #inspirational #motivating #goodthings #netunomusic #music #streamingplatforms multi gente #music Spotify: Youtube:
KristyBee Canada @JezebelRising Not gonna lie, I do call out companies when necessary, but I always try to post the awesome things that some people and companies do. I work in customer service and it’s nice to hear good feedback but also take a moment to improve from the negative feedback. I'm a multi-instrumentalist who loves all things musical, a gender queer feminist & human rights activist. Avid crocheter & knitter.
ksunwootrash she/her | 22 @allthingssarah SEE it’s okay even if it seems bad good things will happen to good ppl anyway /If you’re going to the tbz concert in Paris, hmu/ "You're the brightest, the most beautiful when you're being yourself." - 선우
JustmeAnybody Democrat in NY, USA Did you know you can donate to the #Georgian Legion to get them plates for body armor and other things? They are heroes fighting with #Ukraine great advocates and if you follow @georgian_legion have a good sense of humor too. #StandWithUkraine #SlavaUkraini "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" - JFK #StandWithUkraine #ArmUkraineNow My opinions retweet not endm't No DMs
Patbacknitro @PeterNStrange @BlueSparxLPs @PkmnXYwasGOATED @DirectFeedGames But the reason I keep watching her is because she gets things right. I'm not gonna ignore the blunders, like this most recent leak. But so far she's had good luck with leaks since I've been following. Ed's my spirit animal. As a side note I also review cartoons and stuff on my channel. Yup.

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