Develop a habit of forgiving

Develop a habit of forgiving daily When the offense comes up dont go there Keep your mind on the positive Think on things that are good wholesome uplifting

JoelOsteen Develop a habit of forgiving daily. When the offense comes up, don’t go there. Keep your mind on the positive. Think on things that are good, wholesome, uplifting. Inspiring people to reach their dreams and live their best life. Download the latest episode of the #JoelOsteenPodcast today!

connorfranta he/him a list of things im good at: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) adding an unnecessary “haha” to the end of every text i send my new book 'House Fires' is now available

iPriyankaBhatt Mumbai, India .@realumarriaz bilkul sahi ja rahe ho, dil aur dimag dono se khel rahe ho.. Just know ur loved ones are really happy seeing you inside and they are proud of you.. Chin up man! Keep going even if things aren't going your way. Tough times but you are strong. Sending you good vibes. She is Universe 🌌 ✨ Also, That Lucknow girl in the city of dreams ❤

PemiPo_Official RLC has been very good lately, love to see it I've said a lot of things, maybe you missed it ni o // IT SUPPORT SPECIALIST // Anti-Cunnilingus // Doing so much about life // CFC 💙

psashasash bark i want things to be good so bad tho and its not im squinting why is it not me talking to me about me … b sure to like my tweets so i kno which ones r good thank u

bnalj65 Kuwait Good things come to those who wait @LFC

SGTSmith1981 Boston, Mass @michellekrusiec @DavidChiu This is awesome! Good for my city of Boston! Things change albeit slowly but eventually it does happen! Sailor, Soldier! Boston is my home! Big Red One! Duty First!

birdonawindow This scene somehow made me wonder a lot of things. Maybe in the future, Fateh will be the shield protecting Tejo and Angad from all bad things that will be coming in their way. This will be really good to watch in my opinion 🤔 #Udaariyaan #FaTejo #FatejoHumesha Priyanka + Ankit = Priyankit 🥰

baxter_rabrab Glasgow, Scotland @carrie4beto Need some good things to happen Trade Union activist,socialist and all round humanitarian I hope.

lchyoon 🦌🐹🐶🦍🐱🥐 farewell comeback sounds good tho🥺 farewell for a while to my wallet is totally okay i don't mind it PLEASE CONFBACK BE REAL😭😭 i want to do everything, give the best things and best memories for you to fulfill and make our soon 1.5years worth😭😭 @hyolyoon👋🏻 | 같이 평퓨해용~💡

pezzanator1 Perth, Western Australia @Asher_Wolf You deserve good things. I'm working on a scholarship application for Cert. IV in mental health for next year. I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor. - Switchfoot

cyberspice Leeds, UK @DrHannahWhite @JolyonMaugham David Amess was “a good catholic” which meant he was anti LGBT and anti choice amongst other things. He voted for what he wanted not his constituents so he may have been hardworking but he was srill self centred! Over 18, Homosapien. F in passport; She/her; Tech Lead; Physicist, Roller Derby, Belly Dancer, Biker, Snakes, Goth, Geek, Guitarist, Knitter...

LaronaKrono @theboysolange Dem peasants aren't accustomed to such good things in life honestly I'm Nobody, Nobody's perfect..therefore i am perfect 💁😏😌♈Aries God Sapiosexual.😎 IG: @ lordkrono 😎

dwtcosmic any pronouns things my dog and gnf have in common 1) they have the same hair colour 2) they both look good in blue 3) they both like sniffing a- LOVE YOU TOO - banner by @mooshbur :)

Alexispap Freiburg @vponamariov Maybe this is the moment to understand that building things for others is not the right path if you want to build things you consider good yourself. 📱 Mobile App Developer (React Native) ❄ Applied mathematician (Partial Differential Equations) 📚 Data manager at Uniklinikum Freiburg (Quant. Epidemiology)

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