Dear LordToday in this new

Dear LordToday in this new week and beyond may I never lack the good things in life May I never have to beg for bread or borrow for want May I never have to cry unnecessary tears I declare that I will be celebrated elevated and favoured In Jesus name Amen

Pastor__West Turn on my notifications Dear Lord, Today, in this new week and beyond, may I never lack the good things in life. May I never have to beg for bread or borrow for want. May I never have to cry unnecessary tears. I declare that I will be celebrated, elevated and favoured. In Jesus name. Amen🙏🏾 Founder & Senior Pastor of Faith Empowered Ministries in Baltimore, MD Instagram Pastor_West Bookings: Pastor@FEMINC.church
fatimafarha_ Chicago, IL I don’t think I’ve ever wanted a piece of merch or a product of any kind as much as I want the Mute Boston Bag by V. I literally couldn’t care less with these sorts of things but I’m sitting here manifesting that I can buy this. I really need a good thing to happen this week. socials & things @usatoday. views are my own. moonchild. ‘may your trials end in full bloom.’
BreeNewsome North Carolina, USA Congress has good salaries, full coverage healthcare & now they’re receiving N95 masks. You paid for all these things you are told the government can’t afford to give you. Please understand. There are no “handouts.” artist - grassroots organizer - free black woman - proud wife & mama - removed sc’s confederate flag in the name of Jesus on june 27, 2015 - Psalm 27 🙏🏾
danimanky Indonesia @thepopeinu @elonmusk @Machmudrezz @thitoemanky @wyzanggeni @grivva @hiacemerci @wisnu_rachmanto Hopefully it will be a good project for everyone and bring positive things
JosephR91109812 Fresh air outdoor activity outdoor Sun all good things especially during a pandemic #audobon
Rkabeli Hara mafats'e le letle ke lona @SkaftinLB Bali nka skaftin ebe ba etsa mix-masala? Good for all parties involved, le rona re hlokomela talent tsa bona hona mono! S/O to the "visual space" kaofela hae mona, the work creatives are putting in gives us hope of better things to follow. RealNameNoGimmics
antariksha22 ┌ she/her 」☆ 17 ☆ 🇮🇳 @skzlftv Looks like ppl stoped appreciating good things 🙄 ✿ Your eyes, your smile can light up the night ✿ 5SOS and ALEC BENJAMIN STAN ACC
umrufangirl Amritsar, India Umar's eviction is unfair , we all know this. It's time we focus on positivity and good things. Biggboss is not the end and it's not everything.Makers wanted to eliminate Umar from media round itself , we all know this. #UmarRiaz @IamUmarRiaz1 If you’re still breathing it means you still have a chance. A chance to make your life better. 💫💫 UMARU and only UMARU matters💕💕
arcarver87 England @douglass_meghan I'm sorry to hear you're stressed as well, but surviving is a good start. So long as you're surviving you're got something to work from. I hope things get better for you. Pen Name - Author of The Inspector Stone Mysteries and other books, and carer to mum with dementia. 43 Anxiety, depression, PTSD, self dx autism. LBGTQIA ally
itsurkeli Please don't think you need to be 100% healed to deserve love and good things in your life Be proud of urself, nobody knows what it takes to be u.
MandersSnark1 @RedGomez76 @ancientorigins I do indeed. But they are a bit cumbersome, ok for raking the top soil up and dragging leaves from under plants where a rake wont fit but they are not good for handling things, pulling weeds etc. Genetically predisposed to sarcasm and bad decisions.
hourlylnikki Miraland ♡【Diamond Glass Flower】 Apple Federal Suit Human minds seem complex, but it's only a desire to control and destroy good things and a fear of the end. A bot for posting random suits from Love Nikki (and eventually Shining Nikki, too!) @ the bot with "give suit" for a random suit.
OneLifeChurch3 Lawrenceville, GA As you begin you day you are encouraged to think GOOD THOUGHTS about your life. Think on things that are "good, pure, of good report" You SELF-CARE is essential to a HEALTHY YOU so you can EFFECTIVELY SERVE OTHERS. #OneLife #SelfCare #LiveLife #DoingLifeTogether Refreshing PEOPLE - PURPOSE - PROMISE & POTENTIAL by Reaching them WHERE THEY ARE - HOW THEY ARE - NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE

invention of death.